Creative Insomnia, Is That A Thing?

It’s 2:15 am to be exact. I’ve just finished the tastiest grill cheese toastie. Before my midnight snack, I arranged the makeup and style look for tomorrow’s shoot, washed my makeup brushes and tidied up the kitchen. Now that I feel settled, and clear-headed after checking my twitter, and Instagram, I realise I have the worst case of insomnia.

Although I may have an inkling of the reasons I suffer from this chronic insomnia, and ways to cure, I can’t risk losing my creativity even at the expense of my health.

While scrolling through my social media, I came across the funniest videos and Memes as I always do. And my friends would have received an alert on their phone that there’s a message in their DM. However, I’ve had to pause my fingers from hitting the send button because Fola’s voice saying that I don’t sleep at night time, why it’s not healthy for me kept ringing in my ears which further the truth that she might, maybe just be right.

I’ve deprived myself of sleep for as long as I can remember and worsened during my time at university. There are things my body is compatible with, but sleeping isn’t one of them. What can I say, I’m a night owl who’s creativity bulb burns brightly when other people are sleeping. Thus, affecting the way my body functions.

I’ve googled, read books on ways to cure insomnia, with some methods working for a couple of days before reverting to my sleepless nights. Although I may have an inkling of the reasons I suffer from this chronic insomnia, and ways to cure, I can’t risk losing my creativity even at the expense of my health. My creativity is what defines me. I’m nothing without it. There’s a prospect to gain the serenity and quietness I get at night, but it would entail weekly travel allowance to destinations in the world that provide the service. The only thing stopping me is the money and my day job.

Creativity, Health Post, Insomnia, Sleep and Wellness, Voices, Why can't you sleep, restlessness nightsMy body craves the excitement of exploring, which is what I often do in the day then report my finding by writing about it on Bumascloset, curating the images that correspond with the posts. There’s an interesting theory that revolves around ambitious and motivated people linked to insomnia. Is it possible to have Creative Insomnia? Is that a thing? To all creatives, is the inability to switch off your brain at night time aid your creativity? Also, the high flyers, non-creatives who enjoy their careers, do you experience the same thing?

The weird aspect about the brain is the ability to function when the logical side is withering away because of the lack of energy to power it, popping out new ideas that the mind would have repressed during the day. There are times I’d wake up to read the posts I wrote the night before and feel inspired yet disturbed at the rate my mind thinks. I’m not by any means glamorising insomnia, right now I’m trying to focus on the upside of insomnia. Almost following the glass is half full perspective.

It’s 4:04 am, I can feel my body nudging me to fall asleep. So, I’m going to round up this post by saying I’ll continue to look for the cure that works best for my insomnia. If I can’t fall asleep, I shouldn’t dwell on it. Instead, I should embrace the exciting contents that may come your way on Bumascloset and Youtube channel. Now, my brain isn’t working overtime knowing that I’ve finished the post. I’m off to sleep, see you in the morning on my social media.

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