4 Unusual Things I Do That Counts As Self-care

Scheduling the most luxurious spa days with friends or by yourself, reading or booking a weekend trip to another country is a sign of self-care, and I strongly agree with that method. However, I recently noticed that I do weird things which instantly make me feel good about myself, and helps keep me sane. These habits will not only broaden your horizon but inspire you to be selfish with yourself and gain the confidence you need for your day-to-day lifestyle.

4 Unusual Things I Do That Counts As Self-careExploring Your Body
A while back, I was on the phone with a friend, during our conversion we spoke about our sexuality and what it means to be happy with seeing yourself. I revealed to her that I have the tendencies to be naked and stare at the mirror to admire my body and appreciate how beautifully proportioned my body looks. Often getting closer to admire my stretch marks, the beauty spot that is on my waist and bum cheek. And this boosts my body confidence by being comfortable in my own body. Nakedness helps improve body image and skin health. So I ‘highly’ recommend forming this habit.

I go through my phone to delete numbers, messages, old pictures and music as a way to declutter my life.

Ironing My Pyjamas
I’m not eternally sure if my OCD is coming into play with this weird habit. However, I love the feeling of the warmth pressing against my skin and the comfortability it provides. Also, it tucks perfectly into the wardrobe and looks neats. A crisp looking pyjamas make me happy.



Thank You Notes To Myself And Love Ones
Leading a fast-paced lifestyle results in overlooking gratitude as we are always worried about the next thing to do on our lists. Lately, I’ve made it a habit to thank myself for completing the tasks of the day despite being in the mood to postpone them. Expressing my appreciation towards my God, my family and friends on their positive impact in my life.

Doing Absolutely Nothing
There are days I need time off from the world and the people around me. So I would clear my schedule for the day, after a busy and productive week to do nothing. But watch TV shows, eat and nap. A method I use to recharge my battery, and save money. A daybreak keeps you away from the doctors, and hospital.



Clearing Your Phones
Once in a while, I go through my phone to delete numbers, messages, old pictures and music as a way to declutter my life. Looking through the names of people I haven’t text for over six months to a year, helps me to let go of them. And if a contact list agitates or drains me, it helps me to reflect on our relations and if it’s worth keeping.

  • My Pictures.
    As a blogger, I’m always updating my phones with new pictures in preparation for social media posts which accumulate over the months. I take a look at the picture to determine if they are worth keeping or need to be deleted. This method deludes me to think that my phone feels lighter and spacious whenever I declutter my phone.

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