Essentials You Need To Ensure A Happy New Year’s Eve

I have to admit that it only dawned on me that the New Years is swiftly coming, and how fast 2017 has gone. Around this time of the year, there’s an excitement that fills the atmosphere with celebrations taking place around the world, filled with nostalgic memories of the past months, promises and hope the new coming year will bring. Thus putting pressure on people to celebrate the night in a magical, blinged out style, and if it doesn’t go according to plan, it can turn into one of the worst nights of the year.

IMG_7236Although I always attend church during this time of the year, I have my share of New Year Eve disaster.


As much as you’re wearing a sequin dress paired with a stunning shoe, you’re not Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ that could click her shoes together to get home. Going out during the New Years Eve is easy because of the free transportation that TFL guarantees to us as a goodwill gesture. Ensuring that you’ve planned your transport to get home can make the night better. Hence the reason why you need to think about your safety and transportation when coming from parties, clubs or public events. The worse thing you don’t want is to rely on a drunk friend to drop you home or be left stranded when you lose your friends.


During this time of the year, Black Cabs, Uber, and Addison Lee are known to surge their fare prices due to the increased demands of transportation, with delays been in the forecast for the night. So I always advise pre-booking your fare with a local registered cab office that will pick you up from the location to your house. If your local cab isn’t available or overbooked, the best bet is to take advantage of Uberpool to ride with people going to direct to make your journey cheaper or use the fare split to share the cost of the ride with friends.

Please do not drink and drive. I repeat, don’t drink and drive, as you don’t want to put yours and others life at risk.

Now that we’ve covered transportation, your phone will be your most reliable source of communication, accessing the needs for the night. Ensuring that your phone is 100% charged before leaving home, with a portable phone battery charger is essential. The last thing you want is for your phone to died while getting a cab in the cold, or texting someone to pick you up because you’ve used the battery life while posting your New Years Eve pictures on Social media, texting your family and friends Happy New Years greeting.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Because the last place you want to be is in the hospital due to alcohol poisoning, or incidents that involved recklessly drinking. I’m well aware that New Year’s Eve is about letting the Champagne, and other alcoholic drinks flow, but when consumed excessively it can impair judgements, severe vomiting and other side effects. To avoid the messiness, drink responsibly and plenty of water.

Cute Clutches But Make It Large
We, girls, hate carrying big bags on a night out, especially during the New Year’s Eve celebration as we don’t want it to be a burden, and leave our belongings unattended or pay additional money for your clutch to be safeguarded in a locker. However, this time of the year requires a clutch bag with room space for your cash, debit card, Identification and Phone for the night.

Everything Cheap Should Come With You

Touch ups are needed during a night out, however, to avoid losing your expensive lipsticks, powder and many more. Always get a drugstore brand makeup that will work for the night and wouldn’t cry about the next day if it goes missing. Also, foldable flat shoes are going to your saviour. You can get some from Amazon, eBay and Ali Express. They cost between £3 – 5.

Always Keep Your Friends Informed

The worse thing a friend can do on a night out leaves the club, or event without informing the group and make you worry about their safety. Ensure your group of friends are sending messages to the group chat, or preferably voice notes if you can’t articulate a sentence because of the alcohol consumption.

Lastly, remember things won’t go according to plan, don’t let the unexpected ruin your night, like seeing an ex from hell at a party, event, wherever you are. Stay beautiful and happy. Wishing you a New Years. May this year be filled with success, peace, prosperity and happiness. HAPPY NEW YEAR!