Six Things I Did IN 2017 That Has Changed My Life

As the minute goes by, days rolling in and excitement of the New Year arises, thousands of posts regarding resolutions for the coming year awash the internet. People reminiscing about the year ending to acknowledge their wins and loses. I’m no exception either. I’ve thought of great length of the new life goals to set based on the lessons I’ve learnt and memories I’ve gained through sheer luck and God’s greatness in my life.

Facetune12The year 2017 has lacked variety and interest with a dash of excitement that has kept me sane, accompanied by emotional growth I experienced to become the woman with discipline, courage and a lot more self-confidence and awareness. In a nutshell, it’s a drama-free year, and weirdly I love it. Here are the things I did to bring effective changes into my life.

My worst fear in life is living a mediocre lifestyle and wondering about the Ifs and Buts.

Spending Time Alone
My emotional state is peaceful, calm and relaxed as I chose to be my own company to maintain my independence and understand myself better. Doing this has increased the opportunity to revitalise my mind and body, and boosts my creativity.

Facetune8Being Socially Selective
For an extrovert that enjoys attending parties, and being the first person to jump at a new plan, I’ve held back my ‘yes’ to anything and everything by becoming selective with what I give my time and attention. Anything that doesn’t align with my vision no longer takes up space in my life.

Ignoring Others’ Opinions
Whether we admit it or not, others’ opinions of us sometimes guide our life dwindling our self-trust and believe. However, this year I’ve created a chasm between my perceptions and others feelings and actions. What others think of me is none of my business. My desires trump your opinions.

Saying No When Necessary
Saying the word with No with no guilt and anxiety has slowly created boundaries and walking away from a situation and things that don’t feel right, or I just don’t want to do. The year of people-pleasing is so 2016.

Facetune7Taking Intentional Steps Towards Self-Care
In some posts, if not all posts there are mentions of self-care and the importance of its benefit on Bumascloset, as it was a habit I developed this year. If you’re not aware that I’m a sickle cell warrior and went through difficulty last year, now you are. Years before, self-care was something I did out of necessity when everything was crumbling. In moving away from unhealthy and self-destructive habits, I have more patience and love towards myself, taking care of my needs rather than pleasing everyone around me.

Challenging Myself
My worst fear in life is living a mediocre lifestyle and wondering about the Ifs and Buts. So this year I’ve focused on pushing myself to be better, stronger and have a sense of self. Removing people that have no ambition, and distractions (boys) that are harmful to my growth.

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