Shopping Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

Back in September, I wrote a post on ways to Slay and look Boujee on a budget which was widely received. Writing the post made me incredibly happy that I helped an obscene amount of people to shop smart and look good. So I further wrote another post on the reasons why I don’t Shop during the Sales and why you shouldn’t, which again was widely received and I decided that these topics should be written, and read more often on Bumascloset. Therefore, I give you incredible shopping hacks that you need to know and will change your life and bank account without shopping the sales section.

FacetuneAvoid Carrying A Shopping Basket
Thank me later. Whenever we shop, as soon as we enter our favourite store, the first thing we grab hold off is the shopping basket, because of its efficiency to hold items without straining our hands. However, this method will only make you feel the need to spend more, as you want to fill the basket to the brim, it isn’t helping us spend with intention and protect our money. To avoid impulse shopping, skip the shopping bag, or politely decline the sales associate offering the shopping bag and stick to things you need.

Facetune4Social Media To The Rescue
The incentive from stores for shoppers to put forth all your money is on the checkout lines. The tower of frames that entails jewellery, socks and miscellaneous items induces impulse buys so use Instagram, or Twitter to fight the urge to buy these eye-catching items.

Try Samples First
Department stores like Harrods, Selfridges, John Lewis, Fortnum & Mason don’t encourage samples to avoid losing out of sales because of people that would often collect the samples rather than purchase the whole products. However, don’t be shy to ask for samples to see if it’s a product worth investing. This help save your money and determine your need for the item.

Facetune3Don’t Listen To Third Parties
While shopping, it’s easy to be swayed by the sales associate or friends, prompting you to get a top or dress that isn’t your style, or what you need. Always follow your intuition when you’re shopping for the perfect clothing. There’s nothing worse than putting a strain on your finances when you felt pressured into getting the item.

Facetune2Take Out The Amount Of Money You’re Willing To Spend
The technology world is a fast-paced industry that impacts our lives. It benefits the businesses and personal lives. Now you can keep track of your spending when using Apple Pay, make a quick transaction with your contactless which makes our lives easier. However, it often enables people to spend more. To avoid getting yourself into debt, or the opportunity to save money, withdrawing the amount of money you need for that day is a smart way to keep tabs on your spending, enabling you to budget appropriately. Envision your debit as a credit card, if you don’t have the money in hand, you don’t need that item.

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