Six Types Of People Every Blogger Meets During Their Shoots

Veering away from serious to playful topics as a way of adding a healthy balance on Bumascloset, this post will give you an insight into the re-occurrence theme that happens to bloggers, particular the London bloggers, during their shoots. To avoid misconstruction, some of the points are coming from my point view.

IMG_7370There are times I experience writer’s block which prompt me to scroll through my social media, photos on my laptop as a way to distract my mind from loathing the fact that I have no new ideas or experiences I would like to share with you. Through scrolling my photos, I notice a folder on my laptop titled The Photobombers, a series of pictures of strangers that intruded my picture-taking session intentionally and unintentionally. Often categorising the photos into The Cute and The never getting posted. While checking out The Cute Category, the memories came flooding of the types of people I’ve encountered during my shoots.

I would get approached by guys that want a picture with me on their phone, or on my camera and carry on with their lives.

The Strangers That Wait For You To Take Your Pictures
It’s not easy being a blogger, as each post needs pictures to correlate the topics which mean dragging your suitcase full of clothes to the bustling streets of London to find the best spots that have good lighting and scenery. This process often exhausts me but coming across people that stop for you to capture a clean, crisp picture before continuing on their day make the process easier. They are the real MVP, and you’re appreciated.

IMG_7345The Photographer That Grabs Your Camera And Takes Pictures Of You
Capturing pictures in public often mean meeting angels in shapes of photographers that studied photography, and know their way with cameras. Sometimes, stopping your shoot sessions to give tips on the best lens in the market, adjusting the settings to capture beautifully blurred out background pictures that end up on the Bumascloset.

The Strangers That Purposely Walk Into Your Shoot
They can see from a distance that you’re into the zone, striking the best pose, Smizing and interacting with the camera yet walk into the frame to ruin a beautifully captured picture that would have been great for the post. People like that have a Special in hell, sitting on the right-hand side of the devil. As they’ve disrupted the zone of the Slaying, and re-enacting the pose and attitude in the ruined picture is damn near impossible.

The Location Suggesters
These are the types of people that stop to ask if I’m a model, and the purpose of the pictures. In the midst of our conversion, they often suggest locations they stumble across or often visit that beautiful and less crowded. And I’m grateful for these people, as I wouldn’t have come across these hidden gems.

The Ego Boosters
God knows the numbers of pictures of myself and a guy posing together on Icloud. People always assume that I have a massive following on social media whenever I utter the word blogger, each time they stop to ask if I’m a model. They are always complimentary, giving advice not to give up and that someday, I would be famous and they would brag about the fact that they have a picture of me on their phone. While on occasion, I would get approached by guys that want a picture with me on their phone, or on my camera and carry on with their lives. It sometimes baffles, and scare me yet boosts my ego.

IMG_7352The Spectators
It’s normal to stop and stare whenever something is happening, but tourists and by-passers would intentionally stop to watch me as I take pictures which will prompt me to be shy, and feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, saying thank you in a quiet and shy manner when they tell me that I look beautiful, and ask where I bought my outfits.