How I Created A Faux Over The Knee boots and Ways To Style It For Autumn Winter

Raise your hands if the thigh-high boots have (personally) mistreated you? You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this conversion. Personally, I’ve always been slim and short, which means my thighs are also skinnier than others. So, pulling off thigh-high boots have always been a problem with the slouching around the thigh area.

IMG_7285Just like me, you’ve seen everyone on your Instagram feed, on the road wearing a pair of over knee boots that complement their outfits, looking daring and casual depending on the material and style of the heels, snugging their thighs perfectly which often throws me into a fit of jealousy. For years, I’ve adored this style but hesitate to purchase a pair after failing to find the one that fits perfectly, and unsure as to whether it will look great on my stature.

In the midst of almost given up, A light bulb activated itself, revealing a way of achieving this look, without breaking the bank. A method that convertible – from ankle boots to knee high and over the knee. Remember I mentioned in my previous post that we are trying to Slay and look expensive on a budget. So, I went to primark, ASOS, H&M and Tesco to purchase two pack over the knee socks in various colours as a way to extend the length of the ankle boots. Boom, I create my version of thigh-high boots that snugs my thighs.

Now onto the styling. There are lots of alternatives to try depending on the texture, colour, what will work in your wardrobe and your budget. Personally, I prefer to keep it safe, opting for neutrals colours that will complement the hues for my wardrobe. So I’ve opted for the black, grey, and red with suede, lycra material.

My prefer styling is the knitted jumper with a side slit, an oversized t-shirt dress, an A-line skirt teamed with a jumper top or any top of my choice and much more. The versatilities are endless.

IMG_7270Daytime Look
During the day, depending on your destination and walking distant, you can opt for a flat thigh-high boot. Pairing it with jeans, and tuck-in jumper top, with a long coat to complete the look. Also, dungarees is an easy way to pull off the off-duty look wearing it over a top or any top of your choice pairing it with a flat thigh high boots. Another way to style your thigh-high boots is with an oversized jumper, that has a crawl neckline teamed with a chunky scarf and jacket of your choice.

During the evening, I always opt for the “a hoe never gets cold” style. Opting for a 4.5-inch heels thigh high boots with lycra material that pairs well with a mini skirt and sweatshirt, or blouse tucked in. Alternatively, a fitted jumper dress with a side slit, or a blazer dress.