A Peak Into My Music Playlist – Songs That Play Huge Roles In My Life

In a continuous form, the wind crackles my window bringing the trees alive, and creating a relaxing sound that puts you to sleep. And yet, I’m fighting all odds to fall asleep while getting lost in the emotions evoked from the newly added songs, and reminiscing on the older playlist. As far as secondary school days, when I was old enough with unlimited access to Infrared, Bluetooth and other sites that permits downloading songs without paying which affects my computer because of the Virus that accompany the downloads, I would listen to songs that I could relate to, about the different aspect of my life. It would range from songs that express my dad issues, feisty mood, crushes, and many more. That’s the beauty of music.
The same lyrics could evoke different emotions and meaning to each person listening.

I for one have never been ashamed to embrace my eclectic taste in music. Ranging from R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Indie Rock, House, Funky House, Afrobeats, to Rock depending on the season of my life. It’s a way for me to express my feelings to my friends, family and guys I like, and sometimes feeling inspired by writing my songs down too. Some of the lyrics I’m about to share with you are always on repeat and means a lot to me, empowering me after each play.

Face3Queen Herby – Wifey

It’s crazy what talents and songs you come across on social media. Discovered in Desi Perkins’s new Lookbook, I fell in love with the songs because it describes my feelings towards dating and Men. As someone that is gradually trying to get back in the dating, each quotable sentences represent my approach towards dating and men. For my regular readers, you know what I’ve been through in regards to men and self-esteem, and I’ve come a long way to get to this point in my life. So when she sang these sentences, ‘You know I’m gifted when it comes to having loyalty, But don’t get it twisted, I take no shit from nobody. Don’t be a pussy and come at me with commitment shit. Now, I ain’t even ‘gonna’ flex, cause I am the best, no Becky in distress, I’m a dragon in a dress’. My favourite sentence from the hook – ‘speak to me kindly, I’m the type of girl you call Wifey’. I’ll always listen to regain my strength, confidence and focus on the girl I am now.

Face4Maggie Lindemann – Pretty Girl
This song reflects the way people perceive me as a fragile flower who’s knowledge is solely in the fashion and beauty industry, failing to realise that there’s more to my personality than those subjects. I have my good and downright, flaws. They are days I’m a bitch and enjoy my bitchy attitude, and on days I’m a nice person. Often, people think I’m rolling in money because of the brands I wear, the restaurants I dine at, and the lifestyle I live when the reality is I micromanage my finances, and sometimes lose control which often leads to being broke. This song stays true to my feelings.

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
If this song isn’t a dead give away that I was a The Hills fan, then I don’t know what will. The most iconic song in the 2000s with profound and inspirational lyrics that entail the story of being an author of my life. I’m in control. Despite the past, each page in my book is a clean slate to create new life experiences, and enjoy them as they came along. I should let the light of love and God engulfs me to the point that I feel no pain, or lets situations affect my journey in life. Embrace the uncertainty of life with no worry. It’s the perfect mantra to Live, Love, and Learn.

Face2Styl Plus – Olufunmi
Imagine a twelve years old girl listening and singing her a song without comprehending the meaning and emotions attached. But I belted the sing like I was Beyonce in the shower. Olufunmi was a song I adored with my heart, transporting me to the day I heard the song on TV with the sheer joy of watching a music video that featured a black girl has their lead. It was the song of the year, and still one of the best songs I have on my playlist. Despite my love for the song, I’ve always disliked that they didn’t use my name which is Olubunmi and would often change the Olufunmi, to Olubunmi when the Olufunmi part plays. Since I’ve been praying an artist uses my name as the girl they admire, rather than the usual, Maria, Funmi and many more. After all, I want someone to beg me not to leave, and stay with them because they love me immensely. Some of the lyrics are in Yoruba, my native language. However, youtube translates those parts of the songs.

2Face African Queen
It’s a song that makes me proud to be from Africa, and Nigerian. In a world that despises black women, the lyrics and the melody of the song celebrate us. Using women with various shade of skin tone, hairstyles and style as the Standard of Beauty. ‘I look into your eyes, girl what I see is paradise’ a sentence used to serenade his object of affection. It’s an Afrobeat song you’ll fall in love with because the words are beautiful, the women in the video are beautiful, and showcases the cultures in Nigeria.

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