Bumascloset’s Guide To Clean And Organise Your Closet This Year

Phew! After seven hours of dedicating my time towards my wardrobe, spending time on Snapchat to show the items that need a new home and owner, I can successfully say I’ve finished decluttering my closet. And boy, my room feels empty, peaceful and ready to make room for pieces that are more consistent with my style and style goals for 2018.


Don’t think about it, in the phrase of JD Sports ‘just do it’.

A lot of people associate a deep closet clean to spring, yet at the beginning of every year, I dedicate time to cleaning and rearranging my closet. Despite Spring coming around three months later. What can I say, I’m obsessed with cleanliness and categorically placing clothes in my closet. For some, looking into their wardrobe with the thought of cleaning out their wardrobe often feel overwhelming which deters them. But fear not, these tips are going to put you in the right mindset. So grab your wine or water and enjoy this post.

Prepping For The Clear Out
If you’re a Sex and the City fanatic, like me, you’ll remember the scene with Carrie, and her girls listening to the best of the 90s music, drinking champagne with Carrie playing dress up and the ladies helping her with the items to keep. Well, you can reenact the scene to add an element of fun as you make the decisions. And if you can’t have your friends help, due to their busy schedule, prepare yourself mentally for the ruthlessness that’s about to occur. If you’re a drinker, having a red wine to calm your nerves. And for those that don’t drink like me, a jug of water and Youtube videos playing in the background should do the trick.

Facetune3What To Keep For The New Year

  • Wardrobe Basics
    Every girl, if not most girls are aware of a capsule wardrobe. For those unaware of the definition, a capsule wardrobe is the foundation of your closet that supports your style. These include your winter jacket, favourite blazer(s), vests, little black/white dress, and blouse
  • Special Occasion Dressing
    As the year goes by, I opt out of occasions to attend. But on the rare days or obliged event, I have beautiful dresses and jumpsuits that fit perfectly and never fail to make me feel like a goddess.
  • Investment Splurges
    We all have that cashmere jumper, leather flats, or boots, classic premium/designer bags that we impulsively, or thought out splurged on, can stay as these items are high quality and will always be in style.

FacetuneQuestions To Ask Yourself When Clearing Out Your Closet

  • When was the last time you wore it?
    This question often leads us to the path of delusion, convincing ourselves that we would eventually wear this item(s) when the right occasion arises. Frankly, we know we haven’t worn it in six months and over. Moreso, if we have seven items in our wardrobe, we won’t wear this piece in that week. So that tells you that it’s 100 percent chance you can live without the item.
  • Would you buy this item if you see it hanging in the racks in your favourite store?
    Your current style will determine the answers to these questions. Each year, your style evolves and so must your wardrobe. There’s no point holding on to a piece that doesn’t correlate with our developed personality.

Facetune5Organising Your Closet

  • Imagine it on Pinterest
    After the clear out, we all want to have that caption that delves into details the hours it took to have this Instagrammable/Pinterest looking wardrobe with the hashtag minimalist. So the first step is by investing in slim, no-slip hangers for your coats, trousers and tops. Then, arrange everything facing the same direction. Doing this will give you an overview of what you have, making it easier to inject new items when shopping for the pieces that will elevate your style.
  • Colour Coordinate
    It’s time-consuming, but it will be worth it. Especially on days, you’re in a hurry. I always separate by type: tops with(out) sleeve length, skirts, shorts, dresses, sweaters, and coats. Then I arrange by colours from the lightest shades to the darkest hue. It sounds excessive, borderline OCD, but it’s not. And you’ll thank me in the long run. Don’t think about it, in the phrase of JD Sports ‘just do it’.

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