Why Having A Baby Face Is A Struggle Than A Blessing In The Adult World

Skincare products promising radiant, younger looking glow inundate the internet, magazine and Tv shows, with women going to the end of the world to get products that compliment their skin, turning the skincare industry into a billion dollar net worth. On the hierarchical list of life problems I have, looking young doesn’t rank high but having flawless skin is a top priority, thanks to my mother.


In this age-obsessed culture, youth is beauty, and everyone is seeking the fountain of youth.

Ageing prematurely are people’s greatest fear, so when I complain about my hatred for having a baby face, I often see a displeased face on people. Perhaps, confused about my lamenting, telling me that I will appreciate my youthful look when I get older, which doesn’t console me as I want to be in the beautiful category, and not grouped as the cute one. Being slim and petite doesn’t increase my chances of being looked at as a twenty-five-year-old, especially when younger guys are hitting on me. I must admit, It was mildly enjoyable the first year, I reached my twenties, cooing at people who asked for my ID to clarify my age before getting serviced, politely smiling at older people who believed I’m still in college, rather than a graduate.

yellow3However, with recent events that have occurred, my patience is growing thin with people that often dismiss my opinions, treat me like a kid and disrespect me. First, a colleague at my workplace spoke to me in a condescending manner, with the other who jokingly said she doesn’t need to say please and thank you to me in front of the manager. Their attitude towards me changed when they learnt of my age.

yellow6Another situation that often happens would be people gasping in shock, exclaiming they thought I was in my late teens. Due to reception, I get from people, I’ve developed an irrational fear of getting braids, and leaving my hair out. Because every time I leave my hair out or get braids done, I regress at least seventeen years in appearance and fourteen without makeup. Each time I’m faced with situations, I would go to my mum to seek comfort, who would always use my grandpa as an example of a ninety-something-year-old, who looks seventy. Also, adding that people mistake her for a woman in her late twenties, even though she’s old enough to have some people as their older sister, or mother.

yellow1Although I’m genetically blessed, at these present times I can’t help but think of my youthful look as a curse. In this age-obsessed culture, youth is beauty, and everyone is seeking the fountain of youth. However, I don’t want to look like a teenager for the rest of my life, nor do I want to age quickly. I’m patiently waiting to see the benefit when I get older until then I have to surprise people with a mature manner and use my newly learnt assertive nature.

If you can relate, what are some of the most annoying age-related experiences you’ve faced, and how do you deal with them? I’d love to read your comments.

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