Bumascloset Is Putting Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer Foundation To The Test

Two weeks is the magic number that finalises my decision when it comes to a product. It gives my skin the opportunity to adapt to newly added skincare and makeup products. Now that the trial period is over, I’m ready to indulge you in the product that creates a fresh looking glowy skin without injecting luminiser, and illuminator drops to enhance the skin radiance.

Kevyn Aucoin, a cult brand famed for creating products that have garnered an army of devoted celebrities, models and makeup enthusiast alike. And recently, myself. Aucoin’s approach through his makeup line is to create a subtle, natural enhancement for the everyday woman. A makeup philosophy I have always adhered to, which peaked my interest to try the Sensual Skin Enhancer.

IMG_7824When it comes to my everyday lifestyle, there are many variables I consider from getting up in the early mornings, ready to start the day, sometimes doing a photo shoot, running errands and catching up for dinner with friends. Throughout the day, I always aim to have a fresh, flawless face. Amongst other things in life, we can all relate to wanting our makeup to look blended with long-lasting wear. The difference this time was my aim to achieve the effortless dewy look.

IMG_7825The Sensual Skin Enhancer is the definition of luxury, a decadent foundation that uses Jojoba oil, Honey, and Minerals to hydrate and create the ultimate soft, dewy complexion. This versatile, waterproof face perfector covers, conceals and corrects with its ability to provide medium-to-complete coverage, and sometimes give that no-makeup makeup look depending on the amount used. The formula can double up as a concealer, highlighter, contour and body foundation, using different shades to achieve the desired effect.

IMG_7826Packaged in a small pot, to gain maximum control and extend its longevity, always take a small amount out and place on the back of your hand, as a palette to avoid having too much on at the same time. It’s a highly pigmented foundation, so a little goes a long way. It’s an investable product that’s worth the money with a wide range of shades for Women Of Colour. We all know that Kevyn Aucoin was an advocate for the beauty industry to produces a wide range of foundation for black women.