Never Give Up On Your Art

A lot of changes have been taking places, in my room as of recent. In with new, out with the old. Three years ago, my family and I went through a life change. We moved out of our one bedroom council flat, into a house, big enough to accommodate a family of four, which we have prayed for years to obtain. Before we moved in, we had to renovate our house now, to the taste and quality we’d enjoy living in.

IMG_7681During the duration of the process, I was busy with the workload from my final year at university, which prevented me from making the right decision for my room. Nonetheless, I put my faith in my parents to make the right decision for my room but, I wasn’t impressed with the colour when I saw my room. Thrilled that I finally have a room of my own, I shrugged it off then decided I’d redecorate when the time is right.

While I was moving things around, I came across my paintings from secondary school. Suddenly I felt a rush of regret within me, whispering that I have lost my passion. The painting was a big part of my life growing up, escaping the world with each stroke, as the paintbrush hits the canvas while listening to songs, snacking, and drinking Dr Pepper.

IMG_7696At the age of sixteen, I was in the next phase of my life, college. There, my paintings turned into a digital form. Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro became my new loves. Soon, the traditional form of my creativity disappeared. As the year passed by, I would occasionally tweet about missing my passion whenever I came across artists that have perfected their craft.

IMG_7683If there’s one thing I will teach my children when I have them, is not to give up on a hobby they love. Even if we have insufficient funds, or life takes us on a different path. Sometime this year, I will walk into an art shop to purchase all the paints, brushes, and canvas to resume my hobby. Maybe, someday, I’ll showcase some of my work.

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