The Double Up Lingerie: The Virgin and The Sinner

The celebration of the New Years has gone, hanging up the sequin dress, pearl embellished trousers that are paired with cute tops and anticipating the holiday that calls for Champagne and a romantic dinner. As we know, Valentine’s day is a widely celebrated holiday for couples in love, a thorn for singleton for its constant reminder that they don’t have a Special One to engulf them with the love and romance.

IMG_7944While, as for me, I’m a singleton that’s primarily focused on another aspect of my life, taking the time to celebrate it with myself. There are many dedicating posts of the holiday on Bumascloset, which has expressed my thoughts and feelings towards Valentine’s day to which you can read when you’ve absorbed this tips on lingerie wear for the special occasion.

IMG_7973Personally, a special occasion isn’t needed for me to purchase lingerie that stimulates mouth-watering, lustful-thinking appetite. However, in most cases, It’s the time of the year a woman overwhelmingly uses the raunchiest, sassy pairings to reveal a sex goddess that grabs her partner’s attention.

In the ladies world, the appeal of red infiltrates the mind of a woman when shopping for the special day as she skims through the clothing racks of her favourite store in hopes to find that outfit that would bring her desire alive. However, I’m doing it the unconventional way, doubling lingerie as an outfit. That way when it comes to getting risque with your significant other, it’s easy to transition from your evening wear to the bedroom. Also, it’s cost-effective.

Bringing Sexy Back

IMG_8020The idea behind this look was to create a classy and sexy look perfect for the date. However, due to the trend that surrounds Vinyl, PVC short skirts, finding a midi version proved incredibly difficult. Personally, It’s a look out of my comfort zone but ties in beautifully with the concept of the post.

IMG_7968For my girls that want to tone the sexiness, pairing this outfit with a blazer of your choice, white,  red or black, will be perfect, adding a touch of class.

Keep it Classy
IMG_7940Moving away from the instant Voulez-vous coucher avec Moi ce Soir response from your man and the room response when you walk into your destination, this outfit will exude the class, leaving your man to activate his imagination, hoping the three-course meal dinner will magically spring to the bill paid in great haste to ravage his dessert (your body) before the night end.

Here’s My Secret
IMG_7985There’s an appeal to the colour Red when lingerie shopping. It’s the first to grab your attention, immediately placing your eyes to the intricate details which will instantly bring you out of your comfort zone. It’s been a go-to for years and rightly so. Granted that V-day is about celebrating love and ending the night with de sexe, but it’s also about feeling powerful and knowing the control is in your hands. You’re a sex goddess, believe it wholeheartedly.
IMG_7993Bringing out a daring cutout which contours the curves in a luscious sheer lace flatters the assets of women. The plunging neckline with the sheer underline cup instantly makes you too hot to handle.

First OutfitVictoria Secret | Pretty Little Thing Skirt |

Second Outfit – Victoria’s Secret Lingerie | Pretty Little Thing Trouser | Missguided Heels | River Island Earring |River Island Bag

Third – Victoria Secret