5 Ways To Channel Your Inner Strength

There’s one thing you can count on in life is inconsistency. You learn a great deal about ways to survive and thrive, providing fundamental lessons in all areas of your life: Career, love and personal. The one constant is you. As we mature, you learn to be pragmatic in response to the blows delivered in life which leaves you jaded and lose your openness to new ideas and experiences. In short, the overwhelming stress of life can paralyse from your head to your soul making you question what’s normal and what’s like to be normal.

IMG_8263Recent circumstances surrounding myself, friends and co-workers have raised the questions on ways to feel empowered in return bringing out your inner survival instinct. I’ve discussed my past traumatic experiences in life which has enabled me to cultivate inner strength to weather any storm that proposes a threat to my livelihood. However, people are different. When approached by someone close to me in regards to situations they are going through, I was left saddened by the mere fact I was unable to make any substantial contribution that will solve their problems. Thus actively letting me think of ways I can indirectly help without imposing myself on them.

The best way to feel stronger no matter the situation will always be helping others

Think of a child and their attitude and approach in life. The most rebellious are notoriously resilient, question the status quo, make tons of mistakes, when unsure of their next move, they result in taking a nap. I mean these kids, and us can’t come and die. It’s a step by step guide I’ve always used to remind myself on bringing my survival guide.

Tirelessly Resilient


Reminding yourself of times when you survived the once-difficult challenges and let that fuel yourself to bring back your determination to overcome the obstacle. Often, that means taking a mini break to lick your wounds and fight back.

Cry To God

The world is nosy as distractions and disruption can gradually affect your core which can leave you frazzled. Hence the reasons I tend towards God in times of need and clarification. Asking for spiritual guidance and comfort keeps me sane and ready to receive divine blessings and solutions. If you’re an atheist, the concept is similar to the law of attraction, be mindful of what you ask the universe, and be receptive to receiving it. Trust you’re going to move past this.


IMG_8247As humans, we tend to be selfish, looking inwards at ourselves making the situation into a mountain out of a molehill, and the best way to feel stronger no matter the situation will always be helping others, paying attention to another aspect of life that doesn’t include self. I find that donating to charities, complementing a stranger and listening to others will quiet your worries, through that you will find clarity in your situation.

Talk It Out

Confide in your trusted friends that will listen and help look for the solution. Expressing what you’re going through doesn’t make you look weak nor does it make you a bother. Sometimes just talking things out will garner understanding, encouragement, as they will remind you of your best asset which will give you the strength to carry on. If all fails, speaking to a trained therapist will help further your needs.

Look Above

IMG_8256While I was going through ‘Voices in my head told me to kill myself and to kill my mum‘ situation, I had to power within my inner self to practice seeing myself rise above that particular challenge. It wasn’t easy but using a visualised image of my future, which entailed having my dream life gave me the strength I needed to carry on.

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