Signs You were Raised By Strong Mother

The most powerful men you see on Business Insider, Forbes, Wired, Economist are women aiding their greatness. We are the forerunner of the changes in the world in politics, the entertainment industry, environmentally and dominating the science and financial world. We are a force to be reckoned. While displaying our strength in our careers, we are also the caretaker of the family, juggling kids with our social life, being a daughter, sister, aunty and other fabulous roles bestowed upon us.

IMG_8381 2These superwomen are often heavily relied on, with some carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders as they strive to provide a better way of living for their children alone. If you’re a reader of Bumascloset, I’m sure you’re acquainted with a recent post that expressed my love for my mum who was a single parent and the challenges we faced along the way. There’s a stigma attached to Single Mother which are an unjust and complete misconception. Instead of vilifying these women that work hard, sometimes working two jobs to provide for their kid(s), we should celebrate their strength to execute one of the hardest jobs known. My mother is my inspiration and will continue to be. Here are the top things I learned from being raised by a strong woman.

Bouncing Back From Setbacks
IMG_8365Growing up in a single parenthood, you learn from your mother on ways to get the strength to recoup from disappointments. The ability to keep going when the world, and sometimes family are against you. You also learn to believe in yourself when people doubt you and your dreams. You understand that your mistakes, heartbreaks, failures don’t define who you are as a person. All characteristics you need to survive this thing called life.

Valuing Your Independence
IMG_8367I’ve learnt from young age ways to be self-sufficient and not relying on a guy to save, and take care of me.

Importance Of Patience and Faith
For as long as I can remember, God has been the centre and forerunner in hers and my life, bringing me up to learn that God is always with us as we have survived traumatic experiences. Through this, I’ve learned the ability to be patient with life, timing, success and problems.


If you follow me on Twitter, It’s very evident that my mum has a liberal view of life which has rubbed off me. Although it took a while to get to this stage in our lives, I have open and honest communication with my mum regarding men, sex, and worldviews. She’s shown me the importance of being open to new changes and going after my dreams.

Endless Self-sacrificing
IMG_8431Despite the obstacles we faced, my mum always had a smile on her face. She continues to sacrifice her time, health and money on me, putting herself in the back-burner which she sometimes does till now. We may have our ups and downs, but your unconditional love is available at any given time.

What are your plans for your mum this mother’s day? What ways have your mum inspired you?

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