A Fulani Classic With A New Energy

Loyalty. It’s a code of conduct embedded deeply within me. My admiration for those that have perfected their craft with a reasonable price tag is the epitome of hidden gems. And when I discovered hidden gems, I make sure that I build a relationship with those that provide the essential needs for me.

IMG_1850_Facetune_06-03-2018-23-36-41Continuing from the previous post that touched on reasons to support black businesses, the hairstylist and hair was the inspiration behind this duology posts. A couple of weeks back, my mum stumbled on Hair By Lola salon due to sheer intrigue while food shopping at Upton Park. When she got back, her raving comments in regards to the way the stylist pays close attention to detail in treating hair made me willing to work with her. Her extensive knowledge and passion in her craft were admirable which shows in her work.

IMG_1858_Facetune_06-03-2018-23-44-12Fulani. A tribe in Nigeria with similarity to Arab countries. They are the masters of cattle herds, legends of the Sahel, vicious warriors, power-grabbing aristocrats, beautiful and charming individuals. Perhaps the most influential tribe in Africa. My proximity to the tribe was due to my grandma’s business dealings in the northern region of Nigeria, with her restaurant positioned in an estate that housed the majority of Hausa/Fulani. During my childhood, I would attend their weddings, sometimes talk to the kids and family when they visit my grandma’s restaurant which allowed me to learn a little amount of their language, which I’ve lost the ability to speak. I was in love with their culture, their hairstyle to their method of henna. So it’s no surprise that I gained inspiration for my braids from their culture.

IMG_8549This hair exudes exotic holiday vibes which have induced travel bug, almost to the point, I wished I had gotten my hair done closer to my holiday. That said, I’m thrilled that I would get similar hairstyle done for the summer as the festivals and holiday approaches.

IMG_1853_Facetune_06-03-2018-23-41-27If you ever find yourself looking for a place to get your hair done, be sure to visit Hair By Lola in Upton Park. Don’t let the market environment discourage you from stepping into the salon. As her customer service is incredible, providing you nourishment and beverages upon entering her store. If you have a sensitive scalp or don’t want to have problems sleeping at night, she’s gentle and will cater to your needs. For more information, please contact her telephone and mobile number: 020 3643 4990, 0739202 5602. Her Instagram is Hairbylolauk.