Second Chances, Do Prisoners Deserve It?

Five minutes ago, I finished my hourly social media routine, and now I’m currently wondering if I should write this post before, or after washing off my makeup. It’s Friday at 1 am, fully clothed from yesterday’s outfit, replaying the eventful day in my head.

233dd303-dc20-4bdf-8ef5-667ab80b4977The day started off in a calm, serenity manner, getting lost in my world, watching mini youtube clips while I was getting my makeup done, but it all changed when I lose track of time, and hurriedly left my house. On my way to the event, I met a lovely lady who was also late, heading to the same venue. When we got there, we got turned away for missing our appointment. Disappointed, we booked another slot then head out of the building. On our way home, we decided to grab lunch to make the journey, and money wasted worthwhile.

7ffbb1aa-b0c9-4084-b42a-9378484bc081As we got to know each other, she revealed that she’s a prison officer, which took me aback. Intrigued by the revelation, curiosity generated questions I’ve always wanted answering. She spoke in great detail on what her job entails, the fights that take place while touching on the hopelessness prisoners feel, as days become weeks, months become a year. Hearing her utter those words, brought a sudden sadness in my heart. Since the ordeal I’ve experienced in regards to voices in my head telling me to do bad things, I’ve had a great fear of the law and institutions that detain law breakers. If I didn’t have the strength to resist those thoughts, only God knows where I’d be. It only takes one decision to change your life for the better, or worse. Unfortunately, the people detained didn’t know how to play the cards, life dealt.

dde38578-0ac9-4242-932f-90f79b72a818 2After having our lunch, we went on the same train, and when she got off at her station, I kept mauling over our conversation. As I thought about the subject, my anxiety flared up, almost crippling me in the process. Nonetheless, I discussed the topic with a friend, and her friend, we spoke about the stigma attached to hiring ex-convicts and failed process of rehabilitating them. My friend’s friend studies criminology and psychology, who told us that they did a module on this topics, further educated us on why Norway has the successful system on rehabilitating offenders, to which I asked why the U.K. doesn’t have Norway’s system in place. Then he asked me a question. Would you feel comfortable working with an offender? To which I answered people deserve a second chance, but I’d keep my distance while I stay cordial with the individual. At that moment, I realised that although I might not be judgemental, I still reserve some judgement to some situations, and it shouldn’t be that way.

4dbd7823-e450-4aa3-a0f6-d301041d83ddHumans are prone to mistakes, making use beautiful juxtaposition. I pray to almighty God that myself, generations to come shall be associated with good things, ill-fated life won’t be our portion. None of us shall know what getting arrested, and thrown into these institutions would feel. Goodness and mercy shall follow us, all the days of our lives. Share your thoughts in the comment section, below.

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