The Best Styling Tricks That Flatter Every Petite Body Type

On a day to day basis, there are frequent questions we get asked by curious minds looking for a solution, one way or the other. These questions vary and sometimes, crosses the border of repetitive. To quiet the queries, I end up succumbing to answering to the best of my abilities. On the list of my asked questions lies the best styling tricks that flatter the petite body type.

IMG_8661When browsing on Bumascloset, there’s an FAQ page you may have stumbled across that shares general information about myself which also contains the information that I’m on the petite side of life. Years back, before pre-blogger Bunmi, I struggled with identifying my body type, searching numerous sites looking for the closest measurements to my body, finding the right fit that would flatter my body type and accentuate my curves. It was a never-ending cycle. Through trial and errors, with my body developing to its form as of present, I found the pieces that not only broke the rule of ways given by glossy magazines to dress, it looks phenomenal on me.

Three body types that surface that compare to fruits, Pears, Apples, Bananas which feels like a relic of the 90s, amongst them, you encounter the hourglass, round, inverted triangle and much more. These give the idea that the cuts of your outfits are pre-determined by your body shape. I don’t know about you but, the lists threw me into a frenzy of confusion. These days, anything goes. Here, styles to inject that will help build and enhance your wardrobe.

Higher Rise Jeans
Us petite women of all shapes can get a flattering effect by choosing jeans with a medium or slightly higher waistband. Ladies on the curvier side will look best in the Higher Mid-rise jeans as it will help contain your tummy while providing coverage at the hips. Slimmer, or slender Petites can wear mid-rise jeans to flatter our figure.

IMG_8666Deep Plunge (Wrap) Dresses And Tops
The most effective way of creating the illusion of height is using the low cut silhouette which draws the eyes vertically thus elongating our torso. This style can come in a shape of wrap, or tight dresses that hit just below or above the knees. For preventive methods to avoid a boob slip, using fashion tapes will help.

High Waist Pants
High waist pants paired with heels work together to create a long vertical image. When worn with a short top, the outfit creates the illusion of height.

IMG_8668Long Coat Is Your Best Friend
I’m a sucker for long coats as it streamlines my silhouettes always make me appear taller. If you’re not comfortable with the length, the best option is to opt for a midi coat which will do the trick just fine. Also, it will make you look smart and put together.

Basic Is The Way Forward
Steer clear of skirts with fussy details as they will shorten your height. Keeping things clean, simple, and streamlined.

Hope this post has been helpful. If you need any clarification or help regarding this post, please don’t hesitate to message me on here or social media.

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