This Year, 5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

There’s a joy that springs when the winter storm that clouds the skies throwing London into the cold frenzy clears, and gives a glimmer of sunshine. It makes casting off the knitwear in favour of florals and pastels tempting. That said, London isn’t in the clear as the weather predict another Snowmageddon. Here’s to hope the blizzard will wash away SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) that affects the vast majority, myself included, and awake the positive, energetic attitude that Spring evokes within.

IMG_8630 2With the arrival of Spring evident, the sunlight and blue skies protruding, it marks a time to think of ways to refresh, clean out, and have a new beginning. The urge to shake off the frostbites, layers of clothing in favour of directional silhouettes and statement sandals is palpable, which awakes my spirit to do a mini life overhaul. After all, this month is the better time to breathe new life into you and achieve the things on your spring to-do list. Mother nature has granted us extra time to get ourselves together. And it’s best to comply.

Take the time to exfoliate using the dry brushing method that’s excellent for the skin.

Perhaps A Career Change?
Come in July, a fresh batch of graduates will be ejected out of the final stage of the educational system with the hunger to secure their dream job in your chosen field. So this is the best time to reevaluate your current position without the winter brain-clogging your emotions. Are you happy? Do you see yourself being at your current job in the next year or five? It’s time to figure out your next move.

IMG_8638Have Fun At The Gym
Arguably, now it’s the best time to achieve your swimwear body goals. The natural serotonin that’s released added to the endorphins that are triggered when exercising is a winning combination to a great summer. Those two will ensure having the energy and strength to do fun activities this summer. To achieve your goals, you can use various methods such as gym classes, dance lessons and swimming. And for those with decent shapes, like myself, it will be excellent to switch up your exercise regimes.

Shed The Dead Skin, Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine
The best way to achieve the healthy spring glow is using the ‘in with the new, out with the old’ mantra. It’s the best opportunity to replace makeup brushes that are in poor conditions with a new makeup brush set. Also throwing out old makeup palettes, lipsticks, mascaras and all things beauty related, will declutter your makeup drawer and eliminate beauty products that have gathered bacterias and germs over the years.

While you’re getting rids of old makeup products, take the time to exfoliate using the dry brushing method that’s excellent for the skin. It useful for increasing circulation, unclogging built-up toxins or other blockages that are creating puffiness or sallow skin, giving you a boost of energy in the process.

IMG_8627Your Kitchen and Fridge Need A Visit
Often, we focus on those three points above without realising that we hoard expired condiments and rancid pantry items can make the kitchen look unkempt. Despite the kitchen looking clean on the outside. And the best part about spring cleaning our kitchen is the easy decision on items to throw because of the expiry dates. Cleaning the sides of the cooker, washing machine, dish wash will make the kitchen look pristine.

Now on to the freezer and fridge. What do you see when you open your freezer and fridge? Are the walls clean? Or are they covered in frost and ice? Defrosting a freezer is the best way to make it work efficiently and prevent running up your electricity bill.

A Digital Detox
A little break from our phone, Tablets screens can be beneficial to our health. My name is Bunmi, and I have an unhealthy attachment to technology. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I hope I’m not. Please tell me I’m not alone in this addiction. Scanning endlessly at my social media and emails almost caused havoc in my life with the need to document every part of my life via various platforms. However, my tech detox allows me to enjoy things at the moment, creating stronger bonds as I make memories with others. During this detox, I went through my contact lists delete those that I haven’t spoken to in months, removed apps that I don’t visit which made space on my phone and sold old gadgets to create room for new ones.

Simplify Your Wardrobe
Among other things, my wardrobe was visited in preparation for spring. Here are posts on ways to organise your wardrobe.

Have you started spring cleaning? What tips do you have for spring cleaning your life?

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