Dressing The In-Between: Lightweight Spring Wear

While the temperature is transitioning every spring, we experience the odd phase that stores and our wardrobe tumble into chaos. With the stores using the sales tactic as a way to get rid of the previous season in preparation for spring, it often messes with our dress sense. This year, it’s difficult to transition as winter is yet to loosen its grip despite approaching April. But with every droplet of sunshine peaking through the clouds, the colour pop of crocus, daffodils and bluebells begin to surface in parks, and gardens, I mentally rejoice. Thus, urging me to look for ways to accommodate the fluctuating weather with wardrobe and packed away summer clothing.


Pairing them with a thick jumper, cardigan or coats will instantly scream ready for spring, but this weather won’t stop me.

It may sound complicated, but dressing in between doesn’t require you to unpack all the summer wardrobe that has gathered moths. You can pair both seasonal wears that will make you look stylish while avoiding the shivers every time you leave the house.


IMG_8693Pictures can tell a thousand words, but they are downright deceiving. As you can see from these pictures that I am without a jacket, the truth is this day showcase the personality of spring as the sky was blue with the sun shining. In between this day, it has snowed, rained and became extremely chilly. So the best way I’ve paired this outfit, and ones similar was with a long coat and swapped my heels for boots. The colour of the top projects the feeling of spring with a cup of latte to keep me warm and toasty.

Double Denim
IMG_8697Denim on denim during spring resembles the pairing of wine with your meal, it’s beautiful and belongs together. Instead of opting for your skinny’s, loose fit, high-waist faded classic indigo denim makes a perfect pairing with a thicker denim shirt to keep you warm, which can be styled button up or open with a thick white cream jumper.

Throw Over Jumper With The Slip Dress
Over the weekend, due to sheer laziness, of course, I paired my slip dress with a jumper thrown on top of it and styled it up wearing white ankle socks and converse – which instantly gave me the 90s vibe. For extra layering, a long coat will keep you warm.

Play With Prints
IMG_8719There’s a youthful allure with colourful prints that make the pattern ready to style with the right pairings. The colourful-pop highlight and emphasises a muted palette which brings a touch of spring to your look. Be it, top, dress or trousers – pairing them with a thick jumper, cardigan or coats will instantly scream ready for spring, but this weather won’t stop me.

All you need is a gloss, sunglass and big hoops earrings to give you the spring vibe. As you can see in the pictures, I paired my outfit with my bold black sunglasses, along with the Zara bag which injects the spring vibe.

Hobbs Top | Zara Jeans |Primark Heels | Sunglasses Gifted | Zara Bag