Quickest Ways To Choose What To Wear In The Morning

Ah, the morning scramble. The stress to keep our shit together which stresses us out even more. And the Lord knows I’m trying to avoid the stress spots, it’s not cute. We all have those moments of stress in the morning, scrambling around looking for the shirt (top) that will pair with the trousers you found in the wardrobe, considering the shoes that will be comfortable throughout the day and finding the right accessories to complete the look of the day. Before we know it, the time has whizzed by, as we attempt to shut the door in a hurry with a toast in our mouth and the handbag barely hanging on the way out.


Putting our self-indulgence to good use come in the shape of documenting our wardrobe using pictures to determine the best ways to rotate clothes.

Although I’ve figured out ways to manage myself when it comes to picking out my outfit for the day, due to my organisation skills and enthusiasm in my wardrobe, I’ve mastered choosing the outfit without blinking. However, it’s a different scenario for you which is why you came across this post or curiosity peaked your interest. Well, I’m here to help! I’ll provide helpful tips and tricks you can easily incorporate into your daily routine to ensure you’re never late to work, school or appointments on the indecision of your wardrobe choice.

Organise Your Wardrobe
IMG_8728A lot of the times, the decision boils down to two separate categories when deciding what to wear: no clothes, and nothing to wear. When in reality, the disarray of our wardrobe make outfit choices appear limited. The first step is to organise our wardrobe and arrange them in colours with the cloth hangers facing the same direction. For detailed instruction, please read this post.

Check The Forecast For The Day Or Week
The UK weather isn’t trustworthy. It fluctuates between seasons each day. So checking the weather night before can be flighty. However, it’s standard practice to determine your outfit choice. This way you’ll have a general idea of the pieces to reach out for before heading to bed. If the weather predicts that it will be rainy, you’ll know the outfits and outerwear to reach.

Pick Your Outfit and Shoes The Night Before
IMG_8745Remember when our mum was adamant about picking out our outfits the night before, I hate to admit it but she was onto something. If you may, this is my way of saying that she was right. Laying our outfit out is a time saver when the wardrobe is organised and colour-coordinated. That way you can iron, or steam or use any method to make a good impression on people. You can hang your clothes outside your wardrobe, ready to be reached in the morning. Putting out your shoes that pair will together with save time for you in the morning. Remember, it’s about looking good while arriving early at your appointments, or place of work.

Keep A picture Clothing Diary
Humans are vain one way or the other. Putting our self-indulgence to good use come in the shape of documenting our wardrobe using pictures to determine the best ways to rotate clothes. We are guilty of wearing our favourite outfit then tossing them to the side weeks later. By documenting your outfits every week, it will motivate you to pair different tops and trousers to create new outfits without hurrying to the store to purchase new ones.

Keep your jewellery organised.
IMG_8738Do you know what intrigues the most about pieces of jewellery? It’s the attraction of necklaces entrapped in a massive knot. The process to detangle the chains will take up our time and essentially make us late for work, appointments or school. That’s why it’s best to organise your Jewellery. Keep the necklace, rings and earrings separate to make it easier to reach when needed.

Separate Your Outer-wear
Lastly, the piece that completes your outfit is your outerwear. The best way is to separate them from your regular clothes to make it easy to grab as you head out the door.

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