How To Ruthlessly Curate The Perfect Shoe Wardrobe

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One of the aspects of curating a perfected shoe wardrobe is how difficult it is finding shoes that pair well with our wardrobe all seasons. Each season, the whirlwind options that the stores offer with unimaginable, quirky iterations mixed of unrivalled aesthetics makes the buying decision difficult. That’s a feeling shared by not only myself but you. It’s hard to risk hard earned money on shoes that’s worn once and left in the wardrobe gathering dust for years.

IMG_8807You also have to think about the climate changes and the current state in which trends are pitch against personal style. The key is knowing when to interlace your style, avoiding marketing ploy from looking into the direction that deters our goals to perfected shoe wardrobe. In this post, I will imbue shoes with the price point ranging from high street to premium that will resonate with the seasons to come.

The days of suffering in the name of fashion are over.

How to ruthlessly curate your shoe wardrobeKicking off the post, Missguided’s black satin gladiator sandals which draw the eyes downwards with a strapped up and a seductive arch, giving an elegantly sexy look. It perfectly commends cropped trousers or other trousers, jeans and party dresses, adding comfortability and giving an illusion of tone leg.

IMG_8793From same name brand as the first, the rose gold ankle tie sandal comes with clear strips, perfectly complement any styles in your wardrobe, making an evening statement. With an installed ball of foot pad cushion, it adds comfortability for the feet and makes you more than ready to hit the dance floor all night.

IMG_8829Throughout this year I’ve had a love affair with leather, the real leather which is a good thing when it comes to footwear. The perfect antidote to the blacks and white that has turned up in my wardrobe this year in a range of styles and silhouettes. Showing the versatility a beautifully crafted shoe made in Italy can be polished, and at times naughty. While on holiday in Portugal and Paris last year, Floretini + Baker became the go-to shoes for creating the Off Duty Chic look for commuting through the Airports, adventures to the beach, streets of Paris and Disneyland. Considering the longevity and quality of the sandals, the price point so worth it, and rightly so. I can foresee myself wearing these shoes for years to come. An investable piece to spice up your shoe wardrobe.

IMG_8825This Fall and Winter season is without a boot that can be convertible as a thigh-high boot, putting a spell on your shoe collection. Since purchasing this all-occasion style of boots, I’ve paired them with ribbed sweater dresses, denim and everything in between. The classic boot heels go the distance, adding comfortability no matter the season.

IMG_8805The days of suffering in the name of fashion are over. Even an all glam girl with a fabulous shoe collection often need a breather while running errands, or have a busy schedule. No matter your lifestyle, injecting trainers into your shoe collection is a must. As my style evolves, the rules of not wearing trainers to the special occasions have kicked out the window. From the demure to the decedent, this seasons selection of trainers, sneakers, are packed with enough personality to elevate an outfit without needing the lift of a heel.

What are your thoughts? Are you looking to add these fabulous shoes to your wardrobe? Do you have any suggestion, your comments are welcomed! So make yourself at home.