New Ways To Finally Kick Your Expensive Dining Out Habit

Taking a break from dining at Michelin star restaurants as a way to keep my finances in check this year, I’ve opted to infuse home cooking into Bumascloset. The perfect night in entail laying out utensils, gathering all of the necessary ingredients to produce a meal from a carefully thought-out recipe. It’s an exciting experience in trying something new that caught your attention and made your mouth water on a cooking channel or recreating a dish you enjoyed while on holiday, hoping that it will transport you to that place. That is if you know how.

IMG_8029The overwhelm of at-home cooking combined with the convenience of a takeaway available at your disposal, on your apps, fast food restaurants on every corner, and the alluring vibe of a Michelin star restaurant makes it tempting to go out. But we are aware that six months of dining out, takeaways add up to a four-night trip to Greece. With each calculation, indulging in luxuries should be limited if you’re a student surviving on student finances or your priorities in life has forced the lifestyle change. These suggestions will help you kick your expensive habit and save money in the process.

Master The Art Of Grocer’s Shopping For Cheap
IMG_8024As a child, I hated food shopping hopping in and out of the cab, going to different supermarkets and markets were exceptionally exhausting. But my mum had a unique approach to food shopping, rounding our regular shopping in Tescos, getting meat shopping in Upton Park, fish from Billingsgate Market, a stop to her favourite African store in Deptford Market for stock cubes, vegetable oil, a box of vegetables, yam and peppers, and much more.
When I got older and in my first year of university, supporting myself with saved up money from my summer job and student finance, I began to assess the products on their quality, comparing the supermarkets for the cheapest deals. Making sure I had the essentials such as Spice, Condiment, Oil, Cheese, Flour, Eggs in the fridge. Soon I became my mother, gathering ingredients from different shops to increase my creativity and save money.
I quickly figured that Aldi is the cheapest supermarket to shop for your essentials, Deptford market sells cheap fresh fish and chicken as it was the closest market to my student hall. So, I advice to always compare your supermarkets that fits your budget.

Plan Your Food Menu
IMG_7999Secondly, meal plans are a daunting task that saves money and time. It makes you completely aware of the recipes that can stretch the budget. Ideally, before heading to shop for cheap always make a roundup of inexpensive food ingredients with nutritional value that can last you a week or month. Depending on your needs. For example; Rice, Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Chicken, Fish, Tofu, Mushrooms, Eggs, Lentils, Vegetables are versatile food that creates different meals which are available to buy at your local market. Best ways to help look for cheap recipes is via google. There are lots of accessible site offering cheap meals and recipes to follow.

Resist Pack Lunch Temptation

IMG_8025Thirdly, at work lunchtime temptation is real. Getting lunch is the perfect escape to leave the office and get a breather. The meal deals prices are alluring, offering the options to get the main course, snack and a drink. However, this weekly routine adds up, costing you money rather than saving. Hence why you need to plan your meal in order to eat healthily and save some money.

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