Everything You Need To Know About IUD Coil

Sex. We love it. Chances are at some point we’ve had the pregnancy scare, or aware of the consequences that being sexually active can result in unwanted pregnancy. Thus looking for ways to protect ourselves against the repercussions which result to using various forms of contraception. Our first introduction was the pills, combined and Progestogen-only, then implants and injection, all which have their pros and cons. However, in most cases, the cons outweigh the pros, hence our search for a different method that doesn’t alternate our bodies, emotions and mental wellbeing beyond recognition.

IMG_7923.JPGIn an age where we are obsessed with health and wellbeing, young women and adults don’t want to settle for so many symptoms, which has led people, like me to get an IUD Coil. For those that are unaware what an IUD Coil is, how it works, fitted, advantage and disadvantage and where to get them done, I will divulge the information to equip you or make your decision easier. An IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic and copper device that’s put into your womb (uterus) by a doctor or nurse. It releases copper to prevent you from getting pregnant and protects against pregnancy for five to ten years. It’s famously known as the coil, or copper coil. There are no hormonal side effects, such as mood swings, headaches, breast tenderness, no need to remember the time to take your pills, and panic when you missed the window to take your pills and avoids you taking the morning after pill like a medication each time you have unprotected sex. These attribute the coil possessed was a win.

For this reason, I will like to give my respect to women that have been through childbirth. I want two epidurals when I’m giving birth.

While at the clinic getting my routine checks, divulging my sexual history to the doctor, updating my period cycle (an important detail) and checked my BMI, the insertion process followed. In the room, I had a nurse that briefly talked me through the process, the pain threshold and life post coil insertion. She made it feel like a walk in the park with a slightly uncomfortable process that will take ten minutes and 24 hours worth of period cramps with painkillers easing the pain.

IMG_7938Boy! was she wrong! Every woman has a different pain threshold, experience different period cramps and have different size uterus, so the pain I experience will be vastly different from yours. The insertion process was similar to the Smear Test as the IUD gets inserted through the cervix and into the womb, a process that felt like an eternity as my body succumbed to pains that urged me to hold hands with the nurse for support. The nurse was a well-supported system that used conversations to distract my attention from focusing on the pain. It was cute but failed.

IMG_7929Post coil insertion, I felt like I was going to die with the childbirth cramp like coming in waves that reduced me to tears and the ability to walk. It was unbearable as it left me bedridden for a week, and made me call in sick for work. For this reason, I will like to give my respect to women that have been through childbirth. I want two epidurals when I’m giving birth. As the labour cramps like came in waves, the spottings became apparent which later came in period form.

IMG_7931The past week of my life was torturous, rendering me to put my life on pause. I miss my daily routine that revolves around the gym, brunching with friends, working, and not feeling an inkling of pain. As of today, the pain measure has reduced to a solid 5, the need for Ibuprofen has subdued. I haven’t noticed any heavy period flow but my period scent has changed. It’s not an alarmingly strong scent, don’t worry about smelling fishy when you’re around people.

IMG_2840_Facetune_20-05-2018-20-06-16So far, I haven’t experienced any symptoms accompanied by the ones associated with coils, aside from the more painful cramps; pelvic infection, heavy period which means I’ll update this post every three months for a year if I notice anything different.

I sincerely hope this post will help or has helped with your decision making. For those that are already on the coil, what was your experience with the coil, pre and post insertion? Let me know in the comment section below

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