Sunday Brunch At Selfridges Rooftop: Alto By San Carlo

Breakfast at Selfridges doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like breakfast at Tiffany’s. However, it shouldn’t deter us, myself especially to coin the phrase for future generations to adhere to the sentence. Perhaps, A movie inspired by Selfridges should push along this idea. Any Hollywood writers or directors want to take this idea and run with it? Don’t worry a lawsuit won’t come your way as long as I get a cameo and credit for it ;).

IMG_9226This year has formed a pattern of dining at rooftop bars as treats on special occasions, such as a friend flying in from a different country to visit, the birthday of a close friend or whenever I feel like I deserve it after a long, productive week. As we are quite aware of the days getting longer, it makes perfect sense to cut down on digital communication (Smartphones and Social media), and have face-to-face interactions with friends. Hence the reasons, Alto by San Carlo is a good idea for anyone wanting to have a taste of Italian cuisine.


Tucked on the rooftop of Selfridges with an express lift opposite Chanel that takes you to the entrance of this new kid on the block via the world of high-end department stores, making heads turns. A restaurant designed to welcome guests into a secret Italian garden greeted by a floral installation studded with Chinotto fruits as the lifts open. Featuring an evergreen walkway, overhead foliage and citrus trees, while a choice of seating customers to dine beneath a retractable roof or the sun terrace. The perfect, winning combo that quick to make you snap an Instagram-worthy picture, showing off the swanky restaurant on Snapchat, tweeting with your geo-tag to let your followers aware and using the hashtags #Swanky #Brunchingatselfridges.

IMG_9225Now that you’re aware of how the beauty that’s above Selfridges, let’s talk about the important factors that will entice you to book reservations or text your girlfriends, boyfriends to brunch here. The service, and for the hungry, the food.


First, let’s talk about one of the factors that can make, or break your decisions to dine here – The service. When it comes to the staffs, they are eager to serve and exceedingly charming. They happily tend to your requests without making you feel like you’re bothering them. Checking in to see how you’re getting on with the meal every twenty minutes without giving you the annoying vibe. Winning combo, right? Do you have a dietary restriction? They are happy to offer an alternative. Scared you might get sunburned eating on the sun terrace? Don’t worry The staffs are ready to provide a travel size sun beauty (SPF 30) to give a sublime tan instead of burning. Each problem has a solution. They are determined to make sure your stay is the best it can be. Making you become a returning customer in the process.


Then there’s the food. The menu is quite extensive without becoming overwhelmed for choice, serving wide varieties of pizza, seafood, Vegetable (Vegetarians) and meat for meat lovers, with the option to share the meal with a friend. The food menu includes signature dishes such as fillet of sea bass cooked in black volcanic salt from Mount Etna, truffle and pecorino ravioli, and basil and prawn risotto, alongside spaghetti, Chianina beef, oysters and baked scallops.

IMG_9208At our table, I ordered from the seafood palette, a Colchester rock oyster, spaghetti lobster (pasta with cherry tomatoes) and diet coke while my friend ordered Lasagna al Forno (layers of pasta with slow-cooked beef ragu) and diet coke. I got high on the oysters as regrets followed for failing to order at least three more, well after leaving the restaurant. Perhaps it’s the aphrodisiac zinc? But I wanted more! While devouring the spaghetti lobster, my thoughts were dancing to the beats with each chew. Instantly I knew that they would see me soon. My friend enjoyed her meal thoroughly, finished the plate despite being filled with the meal she had at a different eatery before my arrival. We received a complimentary dessert after we finished our meal and it was divine! Everything was beautiful to look at, even more, delicious to eat.

IMG_9220They are open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week.
Address: 400 Oxford Street, London W1A 1AB, England (Marylebone)
Minimum spend: £10
Maximum spend: £50
Perfect: Brunch, Dinner date, Family outing, Special Occasions

Are you enticed? Will you be visiting with friends or significant other? Let me know!

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