Brunch In Elan Cafe

Brunching is all about location, scenery and colour. The postcode may vary, the allure of the perfect Instagram shot stays the same. Reasons Colour plays a role. Bright rosy pink colour flowers and vines hanging from the walls and placed on the table sure excites me. What can I say, presentation matters and it’s made you incline to continue reading this post.


A big slice of cake is my idea of being an adult breaking the protocol of dinner before dessert. Going to a cafe that dedicates their energy to providing scrumptious cakes, accompanied by two friends makes the journey worth it. Having a taste for the best often involves trying out the latest eatery on the scene which has prompt my visit to the pinkest and sought after place, Elan Cafe.

IMG_3684Initially, the visit was primarily for trying their brunch meals disregarding the dessert menu. However, the last minute sweet tooth kicked in as we entered the cafe. The welcome scent of coffee and cakes wafts through the air, calling to me and my friend’s weary legs to come to take a rest as a result of navigating our way to the cafe in the scorching heat. As we take a seat, I noticed the bags hold the content of guilt-ridden people’s shopping. Unlike me, and my friends, the other consumers are taking a break from their shopping spree, seeing that Harrods is a ten-minute walk from the cafe. I looked around for a waiter and was attended to promptly.


A highly pretty reminiscent of Paris cafe in summer, Elan Cafe has an extensive menu that caters to wide range of people with different dietaries. I opted for the Pistachio and Rose Cake that tasted heavenly, while my friend had Red Velvet Cheesecake and Vanilla Cheesecake. They enjoyed their cakes and will return to brunch again.

IMG_3757Will I highly recommend this cafe? Yes. It’s perfect for the gram, people with lots of expendable cash and for those with the appreciation for cakes and cafe vibes.

I will not recommend this place for big groups, or a quick brunch stop.