How To Travel Broke And Love It

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Sometimes, I wish I coined the sentence Boujie on a Budget. It’s a mantra that I adopted due to my love for extravagant with no monetary means to support my ideal lifestyle. Thus always scouring for affordable flights with an inclusive beneficiary that allows me to enjoy a luxurious holiday.

IMG_9704The giddiest moments of my life are spent 30 000 feet above the ground. Even when the take-off was rough with my knees pressed against the seat while struggling to position my head on my pillow to have a nap, I am still always pleased to be on my way to a country that guarantees sun, (sea, sand, on occasion) culture and food. Despite travelling on budget planes, I’ve always had excessive spending money that allows the freedom to access tourist attractions in other countries. If I was desperate to explore private beaches and caves, I had the means. If I want to try an expensive restaurant, walking in was no problem. This time, budget travelling became a necessity. I felt like I was on the survival of the fittest with the rules of the hunger games added to it. Sure, I sound slightly dramatic, hands on my chest, I was stressed.


Before the beginning of my travel, the money issues developed due to being underpaid by my work, late fees from the site that sold my Wireless Ticket. Soon after, on the day of my travel, I made a rookie mistake of exchanging money at the airport which propelled the need to stay on budget. I could blame it on the lack of oxygen going to my brains due to being tired, but no I was a real big dummy.


I felt like I was on the survival of the fittest with the rules of the hunger games added to it.

IMG_9684However, there’s a simple fact that being broke in a foreign country teaches you how much you are capable of handling any situation that comes your way. You tend to be savvy with the money you have and also forces you to have a relaxed holiday. As someone who is wildly engrossed in my day-to-day life, hell-bent on an adventurous holiday and immersing myself in different cultures, I got to experience the holiday in a zen way. I’m aware of the hitch-hiking, hostel, working, Couchsurfing, and many more methods of surviving holiday when broke. Being black and a woman wouldn’t permit me such luxury. However, below are great ways to that enables you to survive and have a great holiday.

IMG_9679Not the clothes kind, the groceries kind that permits you to extend the amount of money you have on holiday. Luckily, I had opted for a bed and breakfast hotel which took the stress of including breakfast when shopping for your meals. However, our ensuite didn’t come with a kitchen which meant I had to be creative with the meals that are filling, healthy and cheap. Most countries you visit always have big supermarkets or outside markets that permits you this kind of luxury. It’s the best way to go when you’re on a budget

Be Careful Whose Advice You Take

From the moment you step into a foreign country, expect to be bombarded by hustlers willingly to take you for a mug as well as an out of towners not familiar with the area, giving you misguided advice about the best places to visit for cheaper option meals, tourist attraction and safety. Ignore them as much as possible. Instead, approach younger tourist like yourself that has to be in the country before and are quite aware of the word budgeting as their price tag could be different to yours. My bubbly personality allowed me to approach them to gain an insight into what fitted my budget which led me to have fun with no worries. While on holiday, I learnt that girls could get free drinks and food at a well-known lounge, free entry into the club, galleries and much more. Knowing this, put my mind at ease. Worse case scenario, google place to visit before heading out of the hotel.

If you feel strange lazying around on the beach, by the pool and want to wander around the city but don’t want to put money into a cab fare, then bring out your inner fitness goddess. Walking permits you to immerse your self in the beauty of the city you’re in, saving you money in the process. Walk to the nearest restaurants, galleries, museums, etc.

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