Celebrating A Milestone At Quaglinos

Listen as you read

As we just left the month of July, commonly known as the month to celebrate graduates for their academic achievement, dining out with loved ones doesn’t seem foreign. It’s an expected occasion, a milestone worth celebrating. Those late nights studying, writing dissertations, tears streaming down your cheeks trying to achieve a deadline has to count for something.

IMG_9832I watched lots of old movies growing up. The film industry depicts the 1920s in sheer opulence; the dressings, parties, women being ‘unladylike’, importantly the decadence displayed at the restaurants frequently visited by the rich, ganstas and royalties. Crystals chandeliers above the ceils, dim rose lightings complimenting the room, and the grand staircase that aligns the wealthy as the waiter escorts them to their seats positioning the most important in front of the stage to experience a live band.


The reference between the 1920s and Quaglino corresponds perfectly. A restaurant that’s hidden behind the street of Mayfair hosted Princess Margeret, The Majesty Queen of England, her husband and not long ago, Prince Harry. It was a haven for Hollywood Legends and political elites. Stepping into Quaglino, the art-deco grandeur gives a sense of being swept back into the romanticised 1920s. The view as you descend the staircase is glossy and glamorous. After all, Qualigos has a reputation to uphold.

Alighting from the staircase, the waiter positioned us at the table in front of the stage, tucked us into our seats and offered us the menu as he walked away to allow us time to decide on the meals to order. As we’ve booked the table three hours before dinner, we opted for the three-course meal that comes with a glass of champagne for £30. So choosing from a non-extensive menu made the decision easier. I ordered the Harrisa & Agave Glazed Aubergine, Coconut, Peanuts & Pulse Tabboulch as starters which went down a delight. Then proceed to order the Sea Bream, Ceremalised Cauliflower, Curried Raisin, Coriander Sour Yogurt for the main, which was flavoursome and opted for Valrhona Dark Chocolate Fondant, Tonka Bean Ice cream as dessert which blew me away. In between courses, the waiter would top up our glass of water, and ask if we required anything.

IMG_9860While eating the main, the curtains to the stage opened and revealed a Jazz Band that performed throughout to dessert. It felt like I was the main girl in a 1920s film, being serenaded by the charming, handsome singer, coyly blushing and giggling to my friends. It was refined and classically beautiful.

IMG_9855The staff were incredibly accommodating, smiling, placing the napkins on our laps and made us feel welcomed! The restaurant was the perfect spot to celebrate a milestone in style. However, if you’re not opting for the three-course meal deal, the restaurant menu is quite extensive with a different set price. These prices range from £12 to £70. So be prepared to part ways with your money! Trust me it will be worth it!

  1. They take reservations. It’s perfect for group settings.
  2. The ambience is classy.
  3. The Dress code range from casual chic to dressy.
  4. Nearest station: Green Park