Restaurant Review: Chai Ki at Canary Wharf, London

Listen as you read!

Every nine to fivers, corporate and commercial workers are aware of the importance of work-life balance. In today’s society with social media and technology at our fingertips, the temptation to continue with work after working hours by replying to emails, calls and text is difficult to resist.

IMG_9908In an attempt to prevent after work fatigue, a quick catch-up dinner away from my usual location; Mayfair, Chelsea and Stratford was in order. We went to a place tucked away offering excellent food as well as a good view. Opting for Canary Wharf as the dining location with a friend, was a quick fix to maintain healthy living. Undecided by our choice of restaurant, we strolled around the mall til we got to Chai Kai. A restaurant tucked below the Canary Wharf Crossrail Place Rooftop Garden which sits on the Meridian Line. It’s located within five minutes walk from Canary Wharf and West India Quay Station.


The restaurant choice for the night was between Chai Kai and Big Easy. Familiar with Big Easy and wanting to try a something outside of our comfort zone, we opted for Chai Kai. Fusing modern Indian soul food with traditional ingredients and cooking styles from the Indian sub-continent with contemporary touches; coconut prawns (gluten-free) (fennel, turmeric, coconut milk, Chai Ki seaweed ‘podi’, tempered mooli, snow peas, curry leaf) with Naan Garlic bread (vegetarians), and Butter Chicken (Gluten-free) with steamed rice. On the side, I ordered Orange, Carrot & Tumeric drink which complemented my coconut Prawn curry, while my friend ordered a mocktail that has a tangy sour taste which complements her butter chicken perfectly.

IMG_9911The room has the high ceilings that hold cage pendant lightings, rich wooden tables that are position around the dining area with textured saffrons curtains framing the leather banquettes. It created a relaxed atmosphere conducive for business meetings, girly catch-up, and date night. The best option when avoiding restaurants that drown out the conversations. However, the service was a letdown. We had to wait 45 minutes for the table as the restaurant was busy and extra 10 minutes for a waiter to get our order. It’s an issue you can overlook as the food is worth it.


Price: Butter Chicken £15.50, Coconut Prawns £15.80, Naan £2.80 Rice £3.50.
The Drinks Cost: Orange, Carrot & Turmeric £3.90 Passion Fruit Mocktail £4.50