5 Tips On Balancing Work Life With Your Creative Passion

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It’s easy for us to say that working a 9-5 job will prevent you from making time for passion, that the rigid routine of 8 hours work will fade away your creative juice turning your focus into full-time employment. As much as I like to agree, the truth is that being creative isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition. It’s possible to make time for your passion with strict (time) management. I’m sure you read that last sentence in disbelief. Reality is harsh, and we face it every day. Or at least, we should.

IMG_9917In every chapter of our book, the decisions we made in the past have an impact on our present circumstances, whether positively or negatively. Like most, it was the product of our environment, an unavoidable situation. Thus making it inevitable that priorities for creative individuals vary. Hence my reservations on the debates that take place within the creative industry and the reasons behind their thought process when frowning down on 9-5s. Often, the starving artists get romanticised when life isn’t as simple. In this current economy, overwhelmed with student loans and numerous bills to pay puts pressure on graduates than it did with the starving artists in the past.


I understand this is a sensitive subject that will require me to word my sentence to avoid hurting people’s feelings or come across rude. Please be aware that if you’re a model, an actor then this post isn’t applicable to you. However, for those of us that are writers, artists, painters, singers, designers, rapper and much more there are ways to balance our passion while working 9-5s. As someone that will like to consider me as a creative person, with bills to pay it’s not realistic to abandon my day job to write, blog, Youtube full time.

The truth is it is possible to juggle your full-time work, creative passion and have a work-life balance, there’s just a couple of little tips that I can share with you that doesn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed with life.

Evenings and Weekends
IMG_9923For some, looking forward to the evenings and weekend while at work is a past time. It’s the time to relax, catch up with friends, families, Netflix shows, social media and sleep. However, it’s also the best time to work on your creative project, dedicating an hour or two to complete a task on your to-do list. Be strict with your timing. Once you make this a routine, it will become second nature.

Notes and Notes App
All in the name of saving the planet, the world is slowly gearing through a paper-less planet. Hence using your phone Notes app to write ideas when on your daily commute, toilet breaks or thinking on your feet. Using your Notes app will keep you from losing your ideas, ready to be accessed wherever you are. Light bulbs moment happens anytime, and anywhere.

Keep Your Inspiration Up
IMG_9928Every morning on my commute to work, I’m always reading newspapers or magazines on the train. Read them inspires and motivate me to create, and write. Using my phone surfing the internet to read blogs, watch youtube videos keeps the inspiration level up at work.

Continuous Personal Development
In life, we are always learning which helps expand our minds and brains. We have the habits of staying in our comfort zone and not trying something new. There are lots of activities, and classes to partake, which can trigger a light bulb moment, making projects better.

Surround Yourself With Likeminded People
IMG_9960When having writer’s block, or stressed out, it’s paramount to have people around you that reassure and track your progress. The small community around you helps by inspiring us, alert us on new trends we may have missed out. Sometimes going to coffee or late brunch with them will expand our minds in ways we didn’t expect.

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