Two’s A Trend: Twinning With Your Friends In 2018

Individuality in style has been a concept I’ve grown accustomed to making twinning a foreign notion which evokes precisely, synchronised formations and a built-in herding instinct. However as the years go by, the energy to rebel against the status quo as someone unique has dwindled due to sheer laziness and maturity to accept that a highly co-ordinated outfit with your friends doesn’t mean you’re losing your individuality. Instead, it creates a symbol of a solidified status of friendship with a good friend.

IMG_0320Thus embracing the modern-day twinning with friends that understand the importance of career, clothes, compliments and dare I say cocks. Before we head off to the shopping centre to bag ourselves matchy-matchy looks for this year with a caption on social media that includes the hashtags #Twinning, and #Twosatrend, you need to consider who to twin with and which personal style that similar to yours would complement the pair of you. After all, you want to avoid committing the fashion faux pas of friendship-twinning.

So I’m going to provide tips on ways to embrace the similitude of the looks without leaving your innate characteristics when twinning with your favourite gal pal. You want your pairing to scream fashion phenomenal rather than tacky and childish.

Details Details Details
IMG_0311To give off the vibe that’s cute without crossing the boundaries to tacky and over the top, it’s always best to incorporate subtle accessories into your outfits. No, I don’t mean having friendship bracelets that have inscribed Besties For Life, as a similar pair of sunglasses, earrings and choker could do the trick. Sometimes opting for the same shoes for a night out is always a nice touch.

Colour Theme
IMG_0318The beautiful aspect of colours is the ability to help harmonise and marry outfits together. To pull off the perfect twinning worth Instagramming require shared colour shades from the same hue to ensure outfits that complement each other rather than clashing.

What’s that Scent
We all know the perfect way to complete an outfit is by putting on your signature perfume that reflects your personality and characteristics, and your friend embodies that aspect of you. So having signature perfumes you and your friend use solidify and give an aura of an unbreakable bond.

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