6 Essentials Every Woman Need In Her Office Wardrobe

Listen as You read

For some dressing for your first job, or a new job can be unchartered territory. It’s just as stressful as picking the right outfit for a date. I know, employers don’t care about the latest trends that were on the runaway aisle in Paris, but making a good first impression should be a top priority.

IMG_0257This new journey will reveal the way to navigate through the business environment and the people, but also ways to sort out your work wardrobe and re-wear pieces with no one noticing. In today’s society, there’s an unspoken rule that frowns on repeating outfits, but in this economy, we have no choice. Living and surviving in London or a bustling city is more important.

The general chat amongst me and my co-worker was knowing what to wear, discussing the days we can prance around Oxford Street looking for new pieces to add to our work wardrobe. The list was endless, the money in my account was trembling which activated my cost-effective brain. Working in a 9-5 environment, corporate or commercial, will increase your laundry wash and cash flow. That’s if you’re not crafty with it. Trust me!

IMG_0299So I’m going to help you navigate the first week of starting your new job which should come in handy in the future. I’ll list the pieces that will become your most relied, quick put together and perfect for casual Fridays.

Business Ready Dress
This dress is the executive realness to show your feminity while you mean business. Dresses are fantastic for the office as an easy to go option. One zip and you’re ready for the office. It works best on days you’re running late. So when shopping, pick out the neutral ones that are comfortable and flattering. Best stores that provide work dress for cheap is New Look. Sometimes, M&S.

Nice Neutral All Occasion Coats


Your Coat is the first thing people notice about you. An essential aspect of your wardrobe that’s perfect for lunch meetings with clients, or the first day at work. With Autumn approaching, it’s time to look executive chic. Reiss, Zara, Cos and M&S have the best coats. For affordable alternatives; Asos

Comfortable Shoes
At my place of work, wearing heels isn’t compulsory. But it different for every workplace. A comfortable flat shoe is perfect for commute before switching to the heels. Better yet, having commute trainers is the ideal solution as they are easy to run with, and the rain won’t ruin it quickly. Office, French Sole, Russell & Bromley, Dune have the best shoes. Affordable alternatives; Primark, New Look, Forever 21.

Sticking to the neutrals hue like blue, white, black, grey are easy to mix and match with your tailored trousers and skirts. It’s a grey way to inject some fun, work chic. It can be wrapped up with a cardigan for colder months.

Carry It All-Big
IMG_0297As a Minimalist, I dislike carrying bags. However, working hasn’t given me the luxury to go without it. I’m sure yours won’t. A necessity that helps organise your cards, house keys, the possibility of putting your work laptop, and phones to work from home. So having a bag of quality that looks great and big is the smart way to organise yourself. Don’t forget you also need room for a change of lipsticks when you need to catch after work drinks with co-workers, and friends.

Skirts – Pencil Skirts
Pre-graduate, I’ve always had a thing for a pencil skirt. The way it looks chic, pulling together your outfits while making you look professional gets me happy. Now I’m going to pick a pencil skirt for work tomorrow. My go-to hues have always been grey especially in suede texture. Reiss have great selections of pencil skirts. Affordable options; Misguided.

Zara Trouser | Forever 21 Top | Missguided Heels | River Island Bag | Primark Earrings