The Return Of The Prodigal Blogger – Life Update

Hi. It’s me. It’s Bunmi. Do you still remember me? I’m still alive and returned better than the last time. I know what you’re thinking, she’s said this before and didn’t follow through. Let’s see how long she’ll stay. So, here’s the deal, I won’t promise anything this time. But one thing I’ll do is a recap on my life before the new year started. I hope that’s okay with you. Before starting, do I still have your attention? Undivided attention?

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In my absence, I’ve gone on two mini holidays with my friends; Monaco and Berlin. Pictures and stories to come. It was blissful. Exactly what I needed at the time. In those past months, I was going through some career changes and being in London felt suffocating. So the little escape didn’t hurt. I ate, laughed and lived in the moment. Well, I tried to. Inbetween taking pictures for the Instagram posts, annoying my friends to oblivion, and drinking, I felt like myself again. Oh, yeah that’s right I’ve been drinking again.

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Despite three years of sobriety, my previous place of work triggered my drinking habit. I needed a release, going to the gym didn’t help as I didn’t see the workout space. So the next best thing was Wine. Red wine to be specific. Now each time I’m with a glass of my favourite fruity notes of Red, I feel like Olivia Pope minus the incredibly troubled past and an affair with a Married guy. Oh gosh, who still remembers that. Phew, never again. Thank goodness for growth.

Anyways, I am dating. The serial dater in me has risen from the ashes, prowling the streets for tangible suitors. Haha. Suitors you know, how old fashioned. Only this time, my heart isn’t involved, Khaleesi is on her best behaviour while getting to know these men. I am not afraid to say no when the topic of sex arises especially when they want to move it to that stage. Surprisingly it’s going well. I guess they like me and want something beyond the physical. My luck is finally turning around. Well, I’m praying that it has.

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Oh before I go, I’ve got big news for you. Well, it’s big news for me! I am pregnant.
SIKE! I got you there didn’t I. It’s your fault if you believe it. I did tell you that Khaleesi is on her best behaviour. Anyways, I’ve rebranded my youtube. I am finally creating contents that make me feel proud. On my channel, Buma Closet I have documented many aspects of my life including my travels, shopping and eateries around the world as well as, beauty and fashion. When you’ve got the time, feel free to check out my youtube channel.

This is me for now. I am signing out. Until next time, Ciao Bella and Bellos.