Going to University: 5 Things Undergraduates Need To Know

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If it’s possible to time travel to the past, I will relive my university experience. Not because I enjoyed all the units taken in my course, in particular, to change a few things that would have further my career before leaving. However, a genius hasn’t invented the time machine that works so I’ll have to the ‘what if’ myself until the world ends.


Most advice that awash the internet and social media to undergrads are towards staying clear of Fuckboys that will use a girl as uni wives, meeting your bridesmaids, drinking responsibly and many more. Although those points are valid, we rarely talk about using the university to further your career and immerse yourself in the last stage of education.

For recent college leavers, attending university is the time to branch out and discover yourself. It may seem scary, but opportunities await you. The importance of University is to further your knowledge of a passion you’re hoping to turn into a career, test your mental and emotional strength and break boundaries you thought were impossible. It’s the perfect way to develop soft core skills you’ll need in the real world.


Improve Your Writing Skills
Remember when you said you wouldn’t need Maths or English after school, newsflash! Adulthood revolves around those two subjects. Most importantly your writing skills. Take your writing seriously. It’s a skill that will become a necessity during University years when it comes to writing essays and dissertation, and in the professional, working world. It’s important to brush up on your SPAG – spelling, punctuation and grammar. To brush up on your writing skills, consider a course in creative, journalism and business writing. It’s also best to read books to learn new words and use as an example of writing styles. You can use sites like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor and many more to help write with confidence, correct your SPAG as well as to detect plagiarism.


Gain Work Experience
The biggest regrets of my life were using the holidays to relax instead of making the most out of my long summer breaks. I understand that after a year’s hard academic work, resting the mind, soul and body is essential. A way to recharge before resuming for the new year ahead. However, it’s the best time to gain experience at a part-time job, temping in office positions, Volunteering, and perhaps interning at a company that aligns with your course, or your desired career. It would be a rewarding use of your time and would make a great addition to the CV.

Take Advantage Of Career Advisors
At the start of university, inductions take place to show the students around the buildings, introduce societies to attend, the library, private study rooms and many more, as well as, showing the career advisors office. Don’t wait until your final year to make use of the career advisors facilities. Even when you think you won’t need them, it’s best to pop in and introduce yourself. These people are there to develop the skills necessary for career success, help with the job search process, clarify your career goals using assessments inventories and discussion to help you understand yourself relate this to deciding the best career route. The advisors will teach you ways to network effectively, installing interview tips in the process.


Time Management
Time is money and of the essence. Having a top-notch time management skill is useful in the real world that develops into working smarter. The better you get good at managing your time, you install self-discipline that will reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, and it will increase your decision-making ability. Companies love people that can work to deadlines and are proactive.

Society and Clubs
Joining society clubs isn’t solely about making friends, it’s to gain the skills, qualities and knowledge as a way to showcase the ability to adapt to life as a graduate in a workplace. Aside from subject-based societies that extend your knowledge informally through guest-speakers, field trips, and extra-curricular activities; universities offer the sport, charity and fundraising and much more societies. Joining academic and leisure clubs will show that you have an active lifestyle, maintain the school life balance. All work and no play, make Jack a dull person.

If I had done this step, perhaps I wouldn’t feel lost after graduating and wasted months at home being unemployed, doing endless interning without pay. I would have had the right tools to equip me and start my career earlier. What are your thoughts? Please, share them. Will you incorporate these tips?

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