What’s your name?

My name is Olubunmi, but my prefered name is Bunmi (Bu-mi) And nicknamed Buma, Boomting, Bum Bum, Boom by friends.

What’s Your age, height and size?

My birthday is the 8th of September 1992. I’m on the Petite side at 5ft3 or 5ft3.5 on a good day. Depending on the retail, and online store my size ranges from 4 and 6

What Country are you from, and Where do you live?

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria but moved here at the age of 13 and currently live in East side of London.

Who takes your blog pictures and what equipment do you use?

I’m blessed to be surrounded by talented and creative friends. But mostly I use my friend Tosin, and Fola. If you’d like to shoot with them, please email me at bumascloset@gmail.com

For the majority of my outfit posts, travel shots, and product images I use Canon 1200D and 600D using the lens that came with the camera. For filming and Youtube, I use the Canon EOS M3

What’s the inspiration behind your style?

I would like to think of myself as a chameleon that’s often inspired by my surroundings, my favourite style icon and most importantly from the runaway. I have an eclectic style – mixing textures, shade to create looks that are complementary to my body type and complexion.

What’s your diet?

I don’t have one due to my high metabolism rate that comes with my genetics. However, I am a pescatarian and non-drinker due to my lifestyle change in 2016. Please read here and here.