Brunch In Elan Cafe

Brunching is all about location, scenery and colour. The postcode may vary, the allure of the perfect Instagram shot stays the same. Reasons Colour plays a role. Bright rosy pink colour flowers and vines hanging from the walls and placed on the table sure excites me. What can I say, presentation matters and it’s made you incline to continue reading this post.


A big slice of cake is my idea of being an adult breaking the protocol of dinner before dessert. Going to a cafe that dedicates their energy to providing scrumptious cakes, accompanied by two friends makes the journey worth it. Having a taste for the best often involves trying out the latest eatery on the scene which has prompt my visit to the pinkest and sought after place, Elan Cafe.

IMG_3684Initially, the visit was primarily for trying their brunch meals disregarding the dessert menu. However, the last minute sweet tooth kicked in as we entered the cafe. The welcome scent of coffee and cakes wafts through the air, calling to me and my friend’s weary legs to come to take a rest as a result of navigating our way to the cafe in the scorching heat. As we take a seat, I noticed the bags hold the content of guilt-ridden people’s shopping. Unlike me, and my friends, the other consumers are taking a break from their shopping spree, seeing that Harrods is a ten-minute walk from the cafe. I looked around for a waiter and was attended to promptly.


A highly pretty reminiscent of Paris cafe in summer, Elan Cafe has an extensive menu that caters to wide range of people with different dietaries. I opted for the Pistachio and Rose Cake that tasted heavenly, while my friend had Red Velvet Cheesecake and Vanilla Cheesecake. They enjoyed their cakes and will return to brunch again.

IMG_3757Will I highly recommend this cafe? Yes. It’s perfect for the gram, people with lots of expendable cash and for those with the appreciation for cakes and cafe vibes.

I will not recommend this place for big groups, or a quick brunch stop.

Easy, Simple Pancakes Suzette

They say that every idea in the world isn’t original. As much as I will like to disagree with that statement, there’s truth to it. Cliches are cliche for a reason. At each corner of the streets, and around the world we are surrounded by people, nature that sparks our inspirations. Thus we can’t help create our version of our inspiration. This time around, I’m bringing a recipe that brings a little french in our lives.

IMG_9372Despite my impressions of Paris, it hasn’t tinted my desire to try their meal, escargot and now Crepes Suzette. Though their version is in a crepe version, my admiration for American-style pancakes enabled me to incorporate a different twist. In the world of Spice Girls, spice up your life. For those unaware with ways to make American-style pancakes, I’ll share the recipes then proceed to achieve the ultimate Crepes Suzette recipe. Bon appetite mon ami(e)

Ingredients For The Pancakes
1 Egg
400ML flour
A teaspoon of Baking powder
A teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
A Glass and half Milk
2 Tablespoon of Sugar

Ingredients For The Orange Sauce
4 Oranges
1 Zest of Oranges
6 Tablespoons of Sugar


Whisk egg, milk and vanilla extract together until mixed well. Then in a bowl, add the flour, baking powder and sugar, mix well.
Then combine the egg, milk and vanilla mixture into the flour mixture. Whisk well until no lumps or bits are left.
Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, add a knob of butter until it melts and adds a ladle of batter. The batter should rise in a thick form, turn over when the top of pancakes bubble, and flip the other side until golden. Repeat steps until no more batter is left.

The Sauce.
Heat a non-stick frying pan over a medium heat, add the orange and zest, bring to boil for a minute then add each tablespoon of sugar while stirring. Boil the sauce for 4 minutes then allow to cool.

Add the pancakes to the pan and warm through. Serve immediately.


Restaurant Spotlight: Tarshish

You may say Whymark Avenue, a small road caught between Turnpike Lane and Woodgreen tube station is raising in popularity. Not because of the gang crimes associated with the area WoodGreen, much in part due to Tarshish, a new Turkish and Mediterranean grill restaurant nestled in the upper two-floor venue that isn’t hard to miss.

IMG_9299The friendly staffs welcoming you with a smile, offering the best service at the bar as they prepare your table will quickly build a picture of why this place is special. Within minutes of my arrival, I was given the menu as I looked out the window to see the sunset in the cloud while tucking myself forward at the table. As bold as a tangerine, it merged with the sky like a juice-mix dissolving in a glass of water stretching the sepia tones to everyone in the building – The sunset was mesmerising to see. Soon after my friend’s arrival, the waiter was on cue to take our orders after deliberating on what to eat for five minutes.


For most, they’ve been coming to Tarshish weeks after weeks, a meeting point for families and friends, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, offering the perfect combination of Turkish and Meditteranean cuisine. The selections of meals that cater to people with food allergies, special diets (Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, much more) from grills to signature dishes. Along with selections of Mocktails and Cocktails to complement your meal. I enjoyed their Pan-fried sea bass with mixed vegetables and rice prepared to perfection and tasted heavenly. It was a well-seasoned meal that didn’t overpower your taste bud instead it leaves you wanting more. As I close my eyes to imagine the night, I can still taste the meal enveloping my mouth, enjoying the ambience and the company of my friend.

IMG_9294In my honest, humble opinion as a pescatarian, I recommend the Seabass with rice. While my friend definitely recommends the ribs and mac and cheese with their strawberry daiquiri cocktail. It was a perfect ending to my day spending the evening at Tarshish.

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Barbecue, Turkish, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten Free

Perfect: Lunch, Brunch, Dinner

Incredible: View, Bar space, Romantic, Groups setting, Special Occasion, Child friendly

Price Range

Minimum: £5

Maximum: £50

Have you been to Tarshish? What are your thoughts?


Goddess Fro: How To Wake Up With Healthier And Longer Fro

Your hair is so long! How long have you been natural? These are questions that are regularly asked by strangers whenever I let the fro out. With that comes my vague go-to answers that don’t include detail answers to satisfy their knowledge on ways to speed their hair growth. Despite my efforts to answer their question to my best abilities, I feel distraught that I haven’t been of help as I would like to be. Thus prompting me to write my routine and products in a concise and detailed manner.


The standard staple in everyone’s hair routine is the lather, rinse, repeat process. It’s the generic option which can make us complacent with our hair. The same way our skin needs to be nourished to remain hydrated and glowy, our hair needs that attention and care. Having being natural for almost three years, trailed products that have failed to nourish my hair, and ways to maintain my hair hasn’t been easy. But along the years, I stumble on products that have helped through attending hair company events, gifted by friends and picking at random in my local hair store. And these products have been my holy grail for three years and counting.

The Shea Moisture Range

IMG_9306There are six products in the range, Coconut and Hibiscus, Jamaican black castor oil, and Raw Shea Butter, to run alongside the existing Shea Moisture lines. The raw shea butter caters to those with damaged, transitioning hair, Coconut and Hibiscus enhance curls, while Jamaican black castor oil strengthens and restore hair, which is why I diverge to all three products. As mentioned in a previous post, relaxers have been the catalyst for stagnating the health and growth of my hair. However, thanks to the formula in the raw shea butter restorative conditioner, it deeply penetrates the hair, sealing and smoothing hair cuticles, restoring health and shine to my transitioning hair. While using this product, it softens my hair making the detangling process during my hair wash easier.

For a black consumer that believed using a leave-in conditioner is a myth, I can rest assure that this conditioner softens the hair while blow-drying, controlling the frizziness that occurs when the hair is in a dampened state. The gentle, quick-absorbing formula removes excess buildup, strengthens and retain moisture while leaving the hair looking and feeling healthier and manageable.


During the warm months, I limit my use of heat that can put a strain on my hair, and opt for different styles. To achieve those styles, I use this enhancing smoothie to tame stray flyaways and create bouncy curls. This formula hydrates and protect hair against breakage that the heat from the sun, which oxidises, wipes outshine, and leave the locks brittle. The silk protein gives a soft, silky finish, adding volumes and definitions to the curls.

How I Care For My Hair

Strolling through bumascloset, you’ll notice I love using braids and different hue of wigs to protect my hair. Wearing these styles mostly during the colder and warmer months as a way to retain length and health without putting stress on my hair. So I always carefully have to follow the steps to ensure the continual growth of my hair.

Don’t Brush, Use A Wide Tooth Comb
The process will help eliminate the process of struggling to detangle your hair mid-wash. I take my time removing my cornrow by using a wide tooth comb to detangle the knots formed from the roots to the end.

IMG_9304Deep Conditioning Before Wash
Being lazy has come in handy when dealing with my hair as I tend to condition the strands of hair using two conditioners, Jojoba Oil, Argan oil of Morocco, interchanging them at times. I apply the conditioner to my hair, let it sit for five minutes before adding a generous amount of ORS Olive Oil Pequi Oil to the hair and gently massage into a rich lather. Then Rinse until no trace of shampoo is gone. Repeat the washing steps twice.

Second Conditioning
Apply a generous amount of raw shea butter restorative conditioner from roots to ends. Concentrate on the last ¼ of the length since this is the oldest part of your hair. Try not to get conditioner on your scalp, especially if you have issues with dandruff and dry scalp. Wait 3-5 minutes or use a plastic cap and heat for a deep conditioning treatment. Comb out your hair then rinse the hair thoroughly and gently squeeze and blot the water from your hair.

Drying My Hair


There are three ways to achieve drying your hair after using the Shea Moisture range. However, I always opt for the healthier option, air drying. It’s the best method as you don’t have to straighten the hair. On days I’m in a hurry or a last minute special occasion arises, I use the “indirect heat” method.

The Indirect drying is known as the bonnet drying. This method drys the hair quicker and it’s less damaging than using the “direct drying”.

Tell me what you think of this hair care range. Do you think you may benefit from my method of hair care? Tell me how you get yours done.